Park City Follies at Egyptian Theatre

8pm Weekday Shows & Friday and Saturday; 6pm Sunday

A retrospective look at Park City Follies, as told through video clips, slides, and behind-the-scenes narratives (both fact & fiction). Hosted by Tom Clyde and Paul Tan
These shows are for locals by locals. 


 $44 or $50

The Park City Follies first attracted local audiences to our stage in the seemingly-distant (POE), or Pre-Olympic Era, of 2001. In this fast-moving, ever-developing, ever-expanding community, that era seems like ancient-modern history. How can we remember the smaller foibles and frustrations of Park City life that came between then and now? 

Park City Follies have always honed in on the idiocracies of their day through humor and sarcasm. 

Hosted by Tom Clyde, original member of the Follies Creative Team.

Egyptian Theatre

The Mary G. Steiner Egyptian Theatre hosts a variety of theatre, comedy, musical acts, special events, community functions and more. The Egyptian Theatre continues to function as a landmark venue on Park City's Main Street while retaining the distinctive flavor of years gone by, much like Park City itself.

Come in: 328 Main Street view map