Thin Air Park City Innovation Festival Olympic Homecoming Parade Concert on Main Street

Friday April 6th, 2018

Innovation & Performance Leadership….Elevated

Thin Air is born from the belief that by bringing together diverse groups of inspired people to a world-class mountain town known for its natural surroundings, active lifestyle and growing tech-savvy business community…then innovation is bound to happen.

The 3 days of Thin Air programming delivers high-level event experiences that are typically beyond the reach of smaller and mid-size conferences.

Featured programs include a high-profile Opening Night event, followed the next day by powerful breakout sessions and panel discussions, an always-on Thin Air Lounge and an open-to-the-public blowout concert attracting over 5,000 people to Park City’s historic Main Street.

A Mix of Business Groups, Professionals and Community

Thin Air guests and attendees are bold thinkers and doers representing diverse industries and perspectives. Their interactions lead to engaging conversations, shared insights and networking opportunities that don’t happen at traditional conferences.

The Thin Air model is ideal for business groups looking to augment their individual conferences hosted at the numerous lodging properties across Park City. Entrepreneurs, professionals and investors from across the U.S. also come to Thin Air for a unique mix of education and networking combined with spring skiing and exhilarating mountain activities.

Let’s Take this Outside 

A big part of Thin Air is being outside in the sunny and snow-covered mountains of Park City. With plenty of snow still remaining at the resorts, Thin Air attendees can hit the slopes to build on the conversations and new relationships started at the event sessions. Thin Air makes getting outside easy by offering to attendees one-of-a-kind activities as part of the overall festival experience.