Kuhl Clothing

KÜHL clothing company is located in the heart of the Rocky mountains. We make the finest outdoor clothing with pants that break all the rules and stand up to any outdoor activity. Climbers love our articulated knees and gusseted crotch that gives men and women the freedom to move. Born in the mountains is our motto and whether you ski, run, bike, hike, walk, sit or stand, KÜHL clothes will suit you in your active sports and your leisure time off. Our shirts and sweaters, made from our own fabrics, offer the finest designs and tailoring. Each of our garments comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. KÜHL has a local following and a growing international presence and brand loyalty is our by word. Stand by us in your KÜHL pants and shirts, and we will stand by you: on the slopes, the ridge, the mountain tops, KÜHL is Born in the Mountains where we live Mountain Culture™.

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