2020 Sundance Film Festival

This page is intended to provide information for Historic Park City business owners and employees.  

Dates: Thursday, January 23 through Sunday, February 2, 2020.

New components to the 2020 Sundance Film Festival include:
  • Park Avenue one way north (outbound) from King Road to Empire Avenue/Deer Valley Drive. Southbound traffic restricted to residents, Park Avenue business owners, emergency vehicles and buses with an access pass.
  • All transit directed to Park Avenue. No use Deer Valley Drive between Bonanza Drive and the roundabout by City buses.
  • Hillside Avenue one way west into the Main Street area. Residents and emergency vehicles are permitted to travel eastbound with an access pass.
  • Additional Lyft drop-off/pick-up zone in a portion of the Brew Pub Lot Thursday, January 23 through Monday, January 27 (first half of Festival only).
  • Blue Square permits will be valid at the Gateway and Flagpole Lots.
  • Carpool permit parking will be available at the Sandridge or Flagpole Lots.
  • Entrance to China Bridge permitted only from Marsac Avenue, with exit (egress) onto Swede Alley, except for Black Permit holders.
  • Reduced China Bridge Parking rates Tuesday, January 28 to Thursday, January 30 to the normal peak rates: $3 after 5 p.m., first hour free, max $18
  • Festival Celebration and Bonfire in Flagpole Lot - Thursday, January 30, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
  • DLS Permitted areas will not be in effect during the Sundance Film Festival.

Should an issue arise that you feel needs immediate attention please feel free to call:

Alison Kuhlow, HPCA Executive Director - 435-640-2732
Jenny Diersen, Special Events Coordinator Park City Municipal Corporation – 435-640-5063

Main Street Loading and Unloading

Parking will be removed from Main Street and replaced with temporary drop and load areas beginning Tuesday, January 21. In order to pull over in these drop and load areas, the driver must remain in the vehicle and must be actively dropping off or loading in passengers.

Special Use of Parking Permits are needed if a business owner or company is loading in/out of a Main Street venue, required to provide crowd control, park a satellite truck, store a POD or require a lift/boom or if you are looking to perform an activity that requires the use of public parking spaces.  No permits will be issued for Saturday, January 18 to Sunday, January 20 and from Saturday, January 25 through Monday, January 27.

Call 435-615-5301 to obtain a Special Use of Public Parking Permit. The permit deadline is 72 hours in advance of any load in or load out.

Removal of Parking

During the following dates, parking will be closed at the following locations:

January 16-February 4: Bob Wells Plaza Parking Lot

January 21 – 22: West side of Main Street

January 22: Park Avenue (from Heber Avenue to 9th Street)

January 22 – February 1: North Marsac Parking Lot

January 23 – February 1: West and East sides of Main Street, Heber Avenue, Brew Pub Parking Lot, Galleria Lot, West side Swede Alley, East side of Park Avenue, West side of Park Avenue (resident parking only).

North Marsac Parking Lot

North Marsac will be dedicated to City Operations during the Festival from January 23 – February 1.

South Marsac Parking Lot
South Marsac will be a pick-up/drop off for anyone from Thursday, January 23 to Sunday, January 26, and on Saturday, January 30 and Sunday, February 1.

At other times during the Festival, the South Marsac Lot shall be used for City Business.

BrewPub Parking Lot
BrewPub Lot North will be a pick-up/drop-off for Lyft during the first 5 days of the Festival (Thursday to Monday).  Outside of this timeframe, this area will be used for pick-up and drop-off for anyone (no permit required).

China Bridge Parking Rates

Entry only from Top of China Bridge/Exit onto Swede Alley; Those patrons that have Black Parking Permits will be the only patrons allowed to enter on Swede Alley.

Thursday, January 23: $40 (cash preferred)

Friday, January 24- Saturday, January 25: $60 (cash preferred)

Sunday, January 26-Monday, January 27: $40 (cash preferred)

Tuesday, January 28-Thursday, January 30: Standard peak rates, $3 after 5:00 p.m. (first hour free, max. $18)

Friday, January 31-February 1: $30 (cash preferred)

Note: Entrance to China Bridge is only permitted from Marsac Avenue with garage exit on Swede Alley.

Drop and Load Areas
  • DLS Permitted areas will not be in effect during the Sundance Film Festival.
  • South Marsac Lot will be drop-off/pick-up area Thursday, January 23-Sunday, January 26.
  • Beginning Tuesday, January 28 BrewPub Lot North can be used by anyone for drop-off/pick-up (no permit required).
Lyft Pick Up and Drop Off Zones
  • Swede Alley behind the Park City Museum, January 23 - February 1.
  • 9th Street Trolley Turnaround.
  • BrewPub Parking Lot - Thursday, January 23-Sunday, January 26 only.
Traffic Circulation during Festival
  • Heber Avenue will be a bus-only thoroughfare beginning. Access will remain for the Poison Creek Building, Sky Lodge and parking beneath the Gateway Building.
  • 4th and 5th Streets - east only
  • Hillside Avenue - one way west (towards Main Street) except for residents and emergency vehicles with an access pass.
  • Park Avenue (King Road to DV Drive) - One way north to create a flow out of town except emergency vehicles, buses, residents and Park Avenue business owners with an access pass.
  • Vehicles traveling south (uphill) on Park Avenue will be directed to turn left onto either 9th Street or 7th Street to allow Heber Avenue to become a bus-only street.
  • Removal of parking from the east side of Park Avenue
  • Traffic traveling north and south on Main Street will be required to maintain their north or south direction at the intersection of Main Street and Heber and Main and 7th. 
  • No turns will be allowed onto Heber Avenue or 7th Street from Main Street.
Park Avenue Access Passes

Beginning Friday, January 17, businesses on Park Avenue that need access passes to get to their business, will have them dropped off by Park City Municipal.  The City will work with each Park Avenue business on the number of passes needed.

Public Transit

Free transit options increase across town during Sundance; please plan to utilize this service and schedule extra time as buses can be very busy.  All transit directed to Park Avenue.  No use Deer Valley Drive between Bonanza Drive and the roundabout by City buses.

  • Download myStop app to track buses.

  • Go to parkcitytransit.org for bus routes and schedules.

  • Electric Xpress Bus will run until 1 am January 23 through February 1, 2020.

  • Late Night Service to Kimball Junction – 15-minute frequency.

  • The last bus leaves Old Town Transit Center to Kimball Junction Transit Center at 1:00am.

  • The last bus to Richardson Flats from the Transit Center is at 2:25 am (transfer at Prospector Theatre to 2:45am bus).

Main Street Trash and Recycling

Mobile Recycling Center’s dates of service for the Sundance Film Festival:

  • Thursday, January 23
  • Friday, January 24
  • Saturday, January 25
  • Sunday, January 26
  • Wednesday, January 29
  • Friday, January 31

Regular Monday, Wednesday, and Friday service begins again Monday, February 3

Additional pickups of trash and more dumpsters will be added to Swede Alley. 

Employee Parking
Richardson Flat Park and Ride with Free Shuttle

The best park and ride option with shuttles arriving approximately every 10 minutes. This service begins January 24 through Saturday, February 1, 2020. 7:00 am to 2:45 am

The Richardson Flat shuttle will go to the Prospector Theatre transfer point. There will be signage to assist with shuttle transfer options.

The last bus departs Old Town Transit Center at 2:45 am to Prospector Theatre for a 2:45 am outbound to Richardson Flat. 

Homestake Lot (must pre-register)

The Homestake Lot is available to Main Street employees only. This free parking lot is offered with free direct shuttle service to Main Street (10-minute frequency) from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. and an on-call guaranteed ride home after 3:00 a.m. NOTE: Vehicles must be registered. 

Chances are the direct shuttle that will likely be delayed during high peak times the first few days of the festival.  Employees can still call and schedule a ride with the on-demand service during Sundance – in addition to the 10-minute fixed-route frequency.  Scheduling a ride may work best for on-time performance. (435)640-7819

Send an email with your first and last name, license plate number, and state, and employer to parking_permits@parkcity.org. You must include the name of your Main Street area employer. The City will send a confirmation email once they registered your vehicle.

Sandridge Parking Lots

Sandridge Lots are free parking available first come first serve. They are normally full by early morning.

Additional Free Parking Options

  • Sandridge Upper Lot - Free and unrestricted (this option should help the very early morning Old Town employees).
  • Ski Resort Base Areas – Free parking from 4 pm -2 am.
  • Treasure Mountain Jr. High/McPolin Elementary - Saturday and Sunday ONLY.
  • Parking is not available at Park City High School.

Parking Permit Holders (Blue Square permit and Carpool permit)

If you currently have a blue or carpool parking permit note that parking availability is not guaranteed during the Sundance Film Festival. 

Carpool Permit Program

The employee carpool permit program allows FREE parking in China Bridge for registered carpools of two or more people. Click here to fill out an application. Applicants must register in person at Park City Public Works Building. 

During Sundance, Carpool permit parking will be available at the Sandridge or Flagpole Lots. Flagpole Lot will be closed all day on Thursday, January 30, during which Carpool and Blue Permit holders may park in China Bridge or Gateway as space is available.

Blue Square Permits

Blue Square permits are available for $400 and provide unlimited access to parking in the China Bridge and Gateway parking locations. Click here for the Blue Square Permit. 

During Sundance, Blue Square permits will be valid at the Gateway and Flagpole Lots.  Flagpole Lot will be closed all day on Thursday, January 30, during which Carpool and Blue Permit holders may park in China Bridge or Gateway as space is available.

Other Important Parking Information

Parking in residential areas without a residential permit will result in a fee of $145 and/or tow.

Parking on Main Street—regardless of whether you have a residential permit--will result in a fee of $150 and/or tow.

Stay in the Know

Sign up for Park City’s Emergency Alert Program at www.parkcityalerts.org and receive notifications regarding emergencies, transportation, and other critical community information. Text FILMFEST to 888777 to subscribe to notifications during the Festival. Text PCEVENTS to 888777 to subscribe to notifications during all events in Park City.