2022 Park City Kimball Arts Festival

The Park City Kimball Arts Festival is one of the country’s top ranked arts festivals and one of Kimball Art Center’s most celebrated programs. Each year, the arts festival showcases the work of jury-selected artists and welcomes guests from around the country. Looking forward to its 53rd year, this three-day, open-air celebration of the arts is considered one of Park City’s signature events. In 2021 we successfully completed the arts fest despite pandemic modifications and a significant haze from Western fires. Feedback we received from area residents was very positive.

*The below is the most accurate information as of today, 3/14/22. Some of this information is subject to change. Once we finalize our 2022 supplemental plan (June) with the PCMC special events team, we will send a final summary to the PCALA.

Festival Contact Information

Hillary Gilson - hillary.gilson@kimballartcenter.org
For sponsorship, email development@kimballartcenter.org

Festival Dates and Hours

Friday, August 5th: 5pm-9pm Saturday, August 6th: 10am-8pm Sunday, August 7th: 10am-6pm

Ticket Prices

Daily Ticket Sales

  • ●  Adults (18+): $10/day

  • ●  Kids (6-17): $5/day

  • ●  Under 5: Free!

    VIP Tickets

Early Bird: $150

On sale May 1st through June 30th Standard VIP Ticket: $200

On sale July 1st - August 5th
Ticket sales will start on May 1st via www.parkcitykimballartsfestival.org!

Local’s Night

Summit County locals will have free access to the festival on Friday, August 5th. Pre-registration via our website (www.parkcitykimballartsfestival.org) is required and all locals are asked to bring either a license or utility bill to the festival to verify their address upon entrance.

Local’s Night will include:

  • ●  Free event access for Summit County locals

  • ●  Party Like a Local Celebration in the Heber Ave Spirit Garden

Lively entertainment provided by Mountain Town Music and Ballet West Kimball Art Center, 1251 Kearns Blvd, Park City UT. 84060 (435) 649-8882

Silent auction with local experience packages
If you would like to donate a gift card or experience, please contact


  • ○  Live art making, auction, and a limited-edition print sale by the Kimball Art Center’s Young Artist


  • ○  Specialty cocktails poured by Top Shelf Services

    Street Closures


3am, Friday, August 5th: Main Street, Heber Ave, and all side streets close for duration of the festival

Delivery and Pick-Up Windows:

  • ●  Friday, August 5th:

    • ○  Main Street: 3am-6am delivery window

    • ○  Swede Alley: 5am-8am trash/recycling pick-up window

  • ●  Saturday, August 6th:

Swede Alley: 5am-9am delivery window NO ACCESS TO MAIN STREET

Swede Alley: 5am-8am trash/recycling pick-up window NO ACCESS TO MAIN STREET

Sunday, August 7th:
Swede Alley: 5am-9am delivery window

Swede Alley: 5am-8am trash/recycling pick-up window



  • ●  Swede Alley opens at 9pm Sunday, August 7th

  • ●  Main Street opens at 11pm Sunday, August 7th

  • ●  Heber and side streets open at 11pm Sunday, August 7th


  • ●  Bob Wells Plaza and Wasatch Brew Pub parking lots will begin to close down on Wednesday, August 3rd

  • ●  Rental drop offs and set-up will begin on Thursday, August 4th

    Food Vendors

    More information and applications can be found here: https://parkcitykimballartsfestival.org/vendors/. We have availability for food trucks and 10’x10’ artisan tasting tents.
    Applications close on May 1st 2022 and vendors will be notified of acceptance by May 31st 2022

    Vehicle Access Passes

    PCMC special events department will handle the distribution of vehicle access passes for Swede Alley and Park Ave. If you have any questions regarding this distribution, please text Jenny Diersen at 435-640-5063.

Access Pass Hours:
  • ●  Friday, August 5th: 7am-9pm

  • ●  Saturday, August 6th: 8am-8pm

  • ●  Sunday, August 7th:

    • ○  Old Town access permit: 8am - 6pm

    • ○  Swede Alley access permit: 8am-9pm

      Main Street Employee Access Passes

      Kimball Art Center will manage the distribution of employee access passes for Main Street businesses. We will send out a Google Form to all Main Street businesses to request passes for their employees and will deliver the passes in person the week prior to the festival.


      No changes will be made to the booth layout from the 2021 festival. See below for a summary of activities and their location on Main Street. These are subject to change.

  • -  Wasatch Brew Pub Parking Lot: Food vendors, music stage, bar, concessions, bathrooms

  • -  Miner’s Park: Education activations, small snack food vendor, bathrooms, water station

  • -  Post Office Parking Lot: EMS, bathrooms

  • -  Heber Ave between Main St and Park Ave: Education activation, festival info booth, music stage, bar,


  • -  Town Life Plaza: Kid’s Area

  • -  VIP Lounge: TBD

    Dining Decks

    All restaurants with dining decks will be contacted by mail and email starting tomorrow, March 16th. Please confirm your intent to operate your dining deck to Kimball Art Center by May 16, 2022. The deadline to submit your dining deck participation fee is July 1, 2022.

    Community Partners

    Our community partners are what make this festival possible and help keep Park City Park City. If you are interested in supporting the festival as a Community Partner ($1,000 - $4,999 sponsorship), please contact Hillary at hillary.gilson@kimballartcenter.org.

    We also have higher-level sponsorship opportunities available, please see our full sponsor deck at the end of this packet. For more information on these opportunities, please contact Jaimie at development@kimballartcenter.org.

2021 Festival Recap

In 2021, the Park City Kimball Arts Festival welcomed 26,853 visitors to Main Street, including 4,576 Summit County locals who attended Friday’s Locals Night free of charge. Attendees came from all 50 states to purchase art from 191 participating artists, enjoy live music and dance performances provided by Mountain Town Music and Ballet West, visit food vendors, Main Street restaurants and boutiques, and engage in art activities for all ages provided by the Kimball Art Center.

Attendees who visited Park City primarily to attend the festival spent over $14 million on lodging, dining, festival purchases, transportation needs, and other expenses over the course of the three-day festival. This amounted to $267,518.27 in tax revenue for Park City and $132,118.69 for Summit County. These tax dollars will directly impact our community through initiatives driven by the RAP tax, Restaurant Tax and Transient Room tax, among others. In addition to the revenue impacts for local businesses and tax dollars invested back into our community, revenue from the Festival itself is used to provide year-round educational and exhibition programming at the Kimball Art Center for the benefit of the Park City community.

After needing to go virtual in 2020 due to COVID-19, the Kimball Art Center is excited to report the 2021 festival was an astounding success for both our organization and the Park City community. The return to Main Street showcases the artistic culture of our community while driving business to Old Town merchants. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Park City Municipal Corporation and Park City businesses to strengthen not only the festival itself, but it’s economic and social impact on Park City’s community.

Overall Economic Impact

Based on data provided by Lighthouse Research & Development, Inc, the estimated total economic impact for the 2021 Park City Kimball Arts Festival is $14,079,908.81.

  • ●  Total Spends by Type

    • ○  Hotels: $1,960,449.70

    • ○  Restaurants: $2,402,552.02

    • ○  Retail: $2,104,346.53

    • ○  Arts Festival: $7,196,621.30

    • ○  Other: $415,939.26

  • ●  The total reported income generated by arts festival artists and food vendors is $1,888,427.12 according to the Utah State Tax Commission. This is a 51.3% increase from 2019 and our highest reported sales ever!

    • ○  Artist Sales: $1,852,443.98

    • ○  Food Sales: $35,983.14

      Estimated Spending per Attendee during the Arts Festival Weekend by Lighthouse Research & Development, Inc.

Mean Spending by Interviewed Attendees Visiting Park City Primarily to Attend the Festival (18+ only!)





Other Food and Beverage




Retail Shopping




Arts Festival




Sum of Means


Avg. Spending per Person


Tax Revenue

According to reports by Lighthouse Research & Development, Inc., the estimated total taxes paid by 2021 Park City Kimball Arts Festival attendees was $470,036.50.

  • ●  During the 2021 festival, artist and food vendor sales alone accounted for $171,019.12 in tax revenue according to the Utah State Tax Commission. This number is included in the above estimate and is a 51.4% increase from 2019.

  • ●  Tax Breakdown

    • ○  Park City: $267,518.27

      • Local Sales and Use Tax allocated to Park City: $70,399.54

      • Resort Community Tax: $154,879.00

      • Mass Transit: $42,239.73

    • ○  Summit County: $132,118.69

      • RAP: $14,079.91

      • County Option Sales: $35,199.77

      • Tourism Restaurant: $24,025.52

      • Transient Room: $58,813.49

    • ○  Local Sales and Use tax allocated to the rest of Utah state: $70,399.54

Total Local Sales and Use Tax income was $140,799.08. One-half of Local Sales and Use

Tax paid is returned to the city of origin and one-half is distributed statewide based on population.


2021 Attendance Overview

- 26,853 total visitors over the course of the weekend

  • -  23,229 paid visitors

  • -  3,624 comp’d visitors (artists, sponsors, volunteers, etc.)

- Based on the above attendance numbers from Etix, for each $10 ticket sold, the Park City Kimball Arts

Festival saw an average spend of $81 per person on artwork and food vendors.

Friday: 8,638 Total Attendance

  • ○  Paid, Non-Local: 2,956

  • ○  Free, Local: 4,576

(KAC note: major amounts of area smoke!)

Comps: 1,106

  • ●  Saturday: 9,607 Total Attendance

    • ○  Paid: 8,324

    • ○  Comps: 1,283

  • ●  Sunday: 8,609 Total Attendance

    • ○  Paid: 7,374

    • ○  Comps: 1,235

  • ●  Three-day Passes: 444 Total Attendance


    • Paid: 89 passes

    • Comps: 254 passes

Party Like a Local Packages: 101 passes

Attendance by State

Attendance from all 50 states!
Plus District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Ontario

Top 5 States

  • ○  Utah - 14,646 tickets sold

  • ○  California - 1,361 tickets sold

  • ○  Texas - 1,041 tickets sold

  • ○  Florida - 741 tickets sold

  • ○  Arizona - 515 tickets sold

  • ○  Rounding out the top ten are Illinois, New York, Nevada, Virginia, and Colorado Demographics*


  • ○  18-30: 9%

  • ○  31-45: 15%

  • ○  46-50: 26%

  • ○  61-70: 30%

  • ○  Over 70: 20%

Level of Education

  • ○  Less than High School Grad: 1%

  • ○  High School Graduate: 6%

  • ○  Some College/Technical School: 18%

  • ○  Associates Degree: 5%

  • ○  College Graduate: 45%

  • ○  Post College Graduate: 26%

  • ●  Household Income

    • ○  Under $50,000: 4%

    • ○  $50,000-$99,000: 24%

    • ○  $100,000- $149,999: 18%

    • ○  $150,000- $200,000: 19%

    • ○  Over $200,000: 35%


  • ●  192 participating artists

    • ○  Art Sales: $1,852,443.98

    • ○  Approximately $9,698.65 generated per artist

  • ●  706 applications submitted

  • ●  28 states represented

Additional artists from Canada, Germany, and Israel

47 artists from Utah
18 from the Wasatch Back


  • ●  220 total number of volunteers

  • ●  409 total number of shifts

  • ●  1,484.50 total hours


    A total of 12,111.25 pounds of recyclable materials and compost were collected throughout the Arts Festival weekend

  • ●  10,101.25 lbs of glass recycling (bars)

  • ●  1,920 lbs of food waste

  • ●  90 lbs of mixed recycling

    These recycling efforts conserved 2.05 metric tons of CO2! This is equal to one of the following:

  • ●  260,741.32 smartphones charged

  • ●  2,235.01 lbs coal burned

  • ●  231.06 gallons of gas consumed

  • ●  4,999.63 miles driven by car Media

  • ●  Total media impressions: 8,788,245

2021 advertising focused on both in-state and out-of-state marketing via programmatic digital and paid social media advertising targeted to travelers both ready and willing to travel with an expressed interest in Park City and arts and culture. We also focused our marketing efforts on digital billboards in the Wasatch Front and print ads in the Park Record.

2021 Initiatives

  • ●  Revised Artist booth layout

    • ○  Decreased artists on street

    • ○  Modified for increased audience experience and COVID-19 safety

  • ●  Enhanced Local’s Night with live art activations, opportunity drawings, and lounge furniture

  • ●  Changed to daily ticket sales

  • ●  Eliminated Beer Garden at Miner’s Park and replaced with Studio on Main activities

  • ●  Removed participation charge for all Kid’s Area and Studio on Main activities to increase accessibility

  • ●  Two water bottle refill stations at Miner’s Park and Wasatch Brew Pub to decrease single plastic water bottle


  • ●  Rocky Mountain Power, festival sponsor, purchased renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset entry-gate

    and music stage energy use

  • ●  Goal Zero, festival sponsor, generator powered gates

  • ●  Momentum Recycling, festival sponsor, provided mixed recycling, glass, and composting bins at the Food

    Truck Roundup and the Spirit Garden

  • ●  Top Shelf Services came on board to manage bar operations

    Priorities for 2022

Improve recycling plan
In talks with Momentum to hopefully cover all recycling, landfill trash, and composting throughout

festival footprint

  • ●  Strengthen KAC connection to Main Street and local businesses.

    • ○  Better service to Main Street businesses for parking pass and employee access pass distribution - earlier communication on process, online request process, door-to-door delivery

    • ○  Amplify Main Street and local businesses throughout the festival - Main Street restaurant for artist lunches and local businesses as food vendors in festival

  • ●  Transportation plan - city services, bike valet, ebikes, parking, etc.

  • ●  Re-evaluate ticketing service

Experience pre, during, and post festival for organizers and customer experience with purchasing and redeeming tickets

  • ●  Continue to prioritize Park City as a creative destination by highlighting KAC programs and mission throughout the festival.

  • ●  Increase accessibility though translations, interpreters, mobility, price points, etc.

  • ●  Increase local partnerships including corporate sponsors for the festival.

*Data information provided by Lighthouse Research & Development, Inc. Only paid attendees reflected in data, no comp’d ticket holders. **Data information provided by the Utah State Tax Commision.
***Data collected by Momentum Recycling, LLC
✝2019 Totals: $26,366,156 total economic impact, $112,945.15 total tax revenue, $1,248,291.48 total revenue, $1,211375.47 art sales revenue, $36,916.01 food sales revenue. Equation Used: ((CY-PY) PY)100 = %Change
✝✝2019 reported unique visitors was approximately 27,000, total attendance 53,55