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Drop and Load Zones

Commercial Vehicle Drop, Load, and Staging Zones

Before 5 pm
Before 5 pm the DLS zones act as 15-minute parking areas. Drivers are able to leave their vehicles for no more than 15 minutes before 5 pm. No DLS Permit is required prior to 5 pm to utilize these zones.

After 5 pm
From 5 pm to 11 pm, the zones are drop and load only and all vehicles using the premium curbside space will be required to have a DLS Parking Permit issued by the City.

The DLS Permit is available for purchase to transportation businesses intending to deliver customers to the Main Street commercial area. This permit allows for active loading and unloading access to DLS Zones

For a map and further details, click here - DLS Zones are yellow

Drop and Load Zone - No Permit Required

No permit required drop and load zones will remain on Swede Alley, in Bob Wells Plaza, in the Brew Pub Lot, and at the 9th Street turnaround.

For a map and further details, click here

15-Minute Parking Areas

There are five 15-minute parking areas around Main Street. These areas work best for curbside pick-ups since drivers are permitted to leave the vehicle when parked in these areas. The first hour in China Bridge remains free after 5 pm.

For a map and further details, click here - 15-Minute Parking Zones are light blue

INPUT & MODIFICATIONS: The City will continuously evaluate the program’s effectiveness and solicit input from stakeholders.

Drop and Load Zones Image