Historic Park City Improvement Plans & Infrastructure

The current HPCA Infrastructure position paper is included in its entirety below. As a Board we should recognize the additional information and realities that have come to light regarding the cost of previously planned designs and the availability of funds. We should also continue to push for transparency and discussion in the spirit of partnership with City Staff and Leadership to understand the full picture of revenue sources, how HPCA priorities can best align with Council priorities, and how to minimize process and maximize efficiency in achieving agreed upon priorities. We should work collectively with the City to refine our priorities in a way that best fits the current business environment and dynamics of the broader community. Refinements to our position paper are definitely in order but should be entertained after a robust review of new market realities, funding sources, and progress to date.

Infrastructure Position Paper

Goal: Coordinate with Park City Municipal on the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure within the HPCA; to add vitality to the street with bookending venues.

It is the objective of the HPCA to promote Historic Park City as a fun, friendly and vibrant destination.  Smart infrastructure, that supports both car and pedestrian traffic, is essential to fostering an alluring and navigable environment.  

Our District should encourage visitors to linger, circulate and explore throughout the District.  To accomplish this, we need to: 1) reduce physical impediments such as difficult sidewalk navigation; and 2) create attractions/draws along the street (from top to bottom) such as parks, plazas and art that encourage exploration.  We are confident that easy access, a friendly atmosphere and prolonged exposure to our businesses will increase sales and diversify revenues.

Definitions: We are using a broad definition of infrastructure which includes: parks, public art/attractions, event venues, sidewalks, streets, signage, lighting, snow management and public transit.  In sum, any physical component within the District that is owned and/or managed by the City.

Recommendations: The City has identified infrastructure improvements that include the reconstruction of sidewalks, improvements to existing plazas and the addition of new public gathering areas at a cost of $14 million.  The City has identified the increase in Resort City Sales Tax as the funding mechanism for these projects which are scheduled for completion by 2019.


The HPCA will continue to champion these improvements and facilitate the construction for the maximum benefit and at the minimum impact to businesses.