Colby Larsen, with Park City Fine Art, has been on Historic Main Street for 6 years. Here is a bit more about Colby. 

1. Tell us about yourself. 

I was raised in Utah. As a young kid I was always dabbling in the art world, mostly in photography. When the opportunity arose to open my own gallery I jumped at the chance. It has been amazing to work with the old masters as well as some of the greatest modern artists today. Park City offers a rare opportunity to see so many varieties of art. What a great town to be apart of!

2.Tell us about your business.

I opened Old Towne Gallery, which is now Park City Fine Art, just over 6 years ago. At that time, I felt like I was missing out on such a great niche of art. Park City Fine Art hosts some of the greatest western artists in the country! The art, music, and film culture is so amazing in Park City! It has had quite an influence on the art I display. I like to think my galleries are a great place for collectors, as well as long time friends, to come to see what is new in the art world. I love being apart of such a great community.

 3. Describe Historic Park City in 5 words.

This town is amazingly authentic.

 4. What is your favorite time of year in Park City? Why?

As a business owner, I think winter is wonderful. Personally, I truly love Park City in the summertime. I get to see great friends and live a slower paced lifestyle. The mountain biking isn’t bad either. 

5. Favorite Historic Park City businesses and why?

Back Door Deli! Colter and Meg run the best sandwich shop in town! Atticus Coffee Books & Teahouse has been there for me, and my crew for years!  What a great Coffee shop!

Make sure to visit Park City Fine Art at 577 Main Street and on Facebook.