Many businesses utilize the common containers in Swede Alley for their trash and recycling instead of housing a trash container at their business.  If you have questions about the common containers or about your service please contact

** All trash and recycling must be placed within the container.  Items that are not within the containers are an additional fee for Republic Services to pick-up and for Park City Municipal to clean.  These costs will be charged back to the business whose trash was placed outside of the container. **

Trash and Recycling Locations


Shared Containers
Businesses can determine which type of trash service best serves them.  There are five (5) containers in Swede Alley that are part of the shared program.  There are also two (2) cardboard containers and one (1) mixed-use container in the Brew Pub Parking Lot. This program splits the cost of removal and recycling among those using the program based on square footage and a use factor.  This is the most cost-effective option.

Individual Dumpster
There are some buildings that provide a specific dumpster for tenants to use.  Building owner pays the cost for trash removal and depending on the lease, passes on the cost to tenants.  Businesses that wish to have an individual dumpster needs to have private property for its location.

Similar to home trash pick-up, businesses can determine the number of toters they need and can set up a frequency for pick-up.  The individual business is responsible for trash removal costs.  All toters must be stored inside or screened from view.

New businesses need to contact Ginger Wicks and specify which type of service the business selects.