11 ideas for spring fun regardless of the forecast. We all mumble each and every time snow shows up in the forecast. I’m just as guilty as the rest of you, so I’m turning my frown upside down. As they say, April showers bring May flowers.

In Park City, we have a lot to be grateful for each and every season and the shoulder season is no different. Join me as I journey through the top 11 things I’m crushing in Historic Park City this shoulder season.

  1. Donuts. Has anyone else noticed the donut craze sweeping our world? If you haven’t tried Peace, Love and Little Donuts yet you don’t know what you are missing. What are you waiting for?
  2. History. The Park City Museum is a treasure chest of Park City’s past. Tuesday, May 3 you can check out the offerings for free at the museum’s Local Free Day.
  3. Fashion. I love all of the Instagram posts and window displays I see at my favorite Main Street boutiques. Is there anything more fun than shopping for summer outings? Summer is such a social season. Your wardrobe needs at least a few new items to complete your social calendar. 
  4. Food. Sure, some of the restaurants shut down for a few weeks in the spring, but so many are still open. You don’t even have to choose between fine dining at the Riverhorse or grabbing a burger and beer at the No Name. There are seven days in a week and three meals a day. Take a look at our list of who is open.
  5. Culture. Our events calendar currently has cultural events at least every weekend if not every day. Between the Egyptian Theater’s ongoing performance art and galleries on the street hosting artist openings you can never tire of the opportunities.
  6. Beautiful Things. We briefly spoke about the boutiques window displays above, but that is only the beginning. Are you looking for design inspiration for your home? Take a stroll down the street. Sometimes inspiration stems from the most unlikely places.
  7. Parking. This time of year the number of available parking spaces is far greater than the number of filled parking spaces. You can also download a voucher for one free parking session between now and June 13 to make your trip to Historic Park City that much easier.
  8. Treat yourself. Get your nails down. Schedule a massage. Clean up that winter scruff. With salons and barbershops, you have no excuses. A massage may be one of the best ways to spend a rainy afternoon.
  9. Mother’s Day. It is just around the corner. You likely need a gift or at least a spot for brunch. It’s worth taking a look and seeing if you can find that one of a kind item for your one and only mother.
  10. The Kentucky Derby. Both High West and No Name go all out for the event. Don your most fashionable hat and drink mint juleps with the best of them.
  11. Stay the night or a few. People travel to Park City from across the globe. Why not experience a taste of their experiences by booking a staycation in Historic Park City. You’ll even save a few dollars with off-season rates.

The next time you find yourself commiserating over the forecast remember this list. It barely scratches the surface of the many different adventures you can find in Historic Park City year round.