When the cold washes over Park City it looks something like a fairy tale. Frost covered windows, multi-colored frozen leaves scattered along the sidewalks, and occasionally (if all the skier’s prayers are answered), even snow. But sometimes, the best thing to do is stay inside and watch that frigid beauty unfold from the comfort of a heated room. With that in mind, we’ve highlighted 13 of the coziest places on Main Street, so next time you’re feeling the chill of the season, you know just where to go to warm up, grab a beverage or meal, and relax.

Cozy Coffee Shops

Pink Elephant Coffee Roasters

If you head to the upper level of 509 Main Street, you’ll be greeted immediately by the smell of warm, fresh coffee. There are few tables, so snag one if you can. The space is small (a great place to cuddle up if you’re feeling chilly).

Java Cow Coffee and Ice Cream

I know it sounds counter intuitive to go to an ice cream shop on a cold day, but trust me,  you won’t regret it. (Did you know eating or drinking a cold drink can actually make you warmer?!) Plus, the coffee, tea, and fresh house made pastries available compliment it nicely.

Atticus Coffee Books and Teahouse

Because who doesn’t love coffee, tea, and books when they’re freezing? The space is also ultra comfortable, with bar seating and comfy chairs, as well as a couple well-placed tables.

Relaxing Restaurants

Riverhorse Provisions

If you enter Riverhorse Provisions from the upstairs, you’ll immediately see a quaint grocery store, as well as a full menu. Once you order, you can choose to sit on the patio, at the bar upstairs (great view!), or downstairs. The downstairs offers a similar feeling, but maybe a bit cozier.

Cafe Terigo

Cafe Terigo’s summer patio is one of the best in town, but once the weather cools down the menu is well-suited to fill any comfort food cravings you may have. The lighting and decor add to the ambience.


This former boarding house has been renovated into a romantic Italian oasis. The restaurant is only open for dinner, but if you can reserve a table upstairs, the food and view will leave you feeling warm, full, and smiling.

Warm Up at a Local Watering Hole

Old Town Cellars

Old Town Cellars is the perfect place to unwind and warm up with a glass of wine. While they do have traditional tables, their space also has couches and lounge chairs, making the location feel like you’re visiting a friend’s log cabin; related, the customer service here is exceptional.

The Cabin

Speaking of cabins, The Cabin’s atmosphere will also help you de-stress. Brick walls, mounted stuffed animals, and plenty of alcohol will have you feeling the mountain-town vibes in no time.

Intimate Inns

Treasure Mountain Inn

Conveniently located at the top of Main Street, the units here are all ultra comfortable condos. Junior Suites, 1-Bedrooms, and 2-Bedrooms are all available. Plus, the hot tub and courtyard make for the perfect place to relax.

Washington School House  

What was once a school is now a boutique hotel. Each room’s decor compliments its vast history, and creates an ambience that will make you want to stay in bed. If you do decide to venture out, make sure you check out the fire pit on the patio, the heated year-round pool and the hot tub.

Other Snug Spots

Gallery MAR

Want to check out some art while you thaw that chill from your bones? Gallery MAR, while the exhibits change, consistently offers a great space to roam or take a seat and enjoy the views (art).

Dolly’s Bookstore

Dolly’s is the eclectic bookstore everyone wishes was in their town. Books range from children’s to adult reading level. If you’re not convinced this place is cozy the moment you walk in, you will once you spot a napping cat. Bonus points for sharing an interior door with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!


This high-end ski rental, apparel, furniture and gift shop is the perfect place to try on some cozy winter clothing, or kick back in one of the many snuggly seating options. Who knows, you might even love something so much that you bring it back to make your home feel even more homey!