Parking on Main Street
Parking on the west side of Main Street will be removed on Tuesday, January 14th and replaced with a 15 minute drop and load zone for active deliveries.  A special use permit allows parking over this time limit to accommodate large load ins/outs. Parking on both sides of Main Street will be replaced with drop and load zones beginning Wednesday, January 16th.  The parking will return on Sunday, January 26th.

Park Avenue Parking
Starting January 16th through January 25th, Parking on Park Avenue (from Heber Avenue to 9th Street) will be replaced with a 15 minute drop and load zone.  The west side of Park Avenue from 9th to 15th Street will be a No Parking Zone from January 16th through January 25th.

Employee Parking
China Bridge (CB) permit holders will be able to park off of Marsac Avenue either in the north parking lot of City Hall, or in a portion of the top level of China Bridge.  Free parking remains in the Sandridge Lots, which are also accessed off of Marsac Avenue.

China Bridge, Swede Alley Surface Parking and the Flag Pole Parking Lot
A $20 fee to park will be required starting on Thursday, January 16th. The price will decrease to $10 on Tuesday, January 21st and free parking will return on Sunday, January 26th.

Sandridge Parking Lots
The Sandridge Parking Lots, accessed off Marsac Avenue are open for parking at no cost.  Please keep in mind that these lots fill quickly in the mornings.

Brew Pub Parking Lot
The Brew Pub Parking Lot becomes a pay lot at a rate of $16 for 3 hours, beginning Thursday, January 16th.


Traffic Circulation Changes
Heber Avenue will be a bus only thoroughfare beginning Thursday, January 16th.  Access will remain for the Poison Creek Building, Sky Lodge and parking beneath the Gateway Building.

Vehicles traveling south on Park Avenue will be direct to turn left onto either 9th Street or 7th Street to allow Heber Avenue to become a bus only street.  

Traffic traveling north and south on Main Street will be required to maintain their north or south direction at the intersection of Main Street.  No turns will be allowed onto Heber Avenue.