The first snow globe was a product of an Austrian inventor in 1900.  His original intent was to improve the electric lightbulb; instead, he invented a magical winter-themed toy loved by all. Snow Globes evoke all that is whimsical and magical about the holiday season.  They often bring irresistible cheer to the viewer as they watch whirling snowflakes dust miniature scenes of winter.

This winter, nine life-sized Snow Globes will line Park City's Main Street, evoking the emblem of winter, a cherished trinket, and gift-shop staple.  

Don't try to turn one on its top and give it a light shake. Instead, move closer to our Snow Globes, and the motion sensor will activate the flurries.  Inside, you might find animals that live in our mountains and forests, winter athletes, and even hot air balloons.  We encourage visits both during the day and night since the globes light from within.

You can start your stroll at the bottom, the top, or the middle, but don't miss a single globe.

Download the SNOW GLOBE STROLL MAP to follow along. 

Each of the nine Snow Globes has a secret letter hidden in the globe (the top and bottom Snow Globes have two letters). Find the letters and answer the WORD SCRAMBLE!

Are there elves at your house? We have them too! Meet our ELVES ON THE STREET
There's no need to look up Santa's address. Visit SANTA'S MAILBOX

The Snow Globes are scheduled to be removed on January 3, 2021. 

The Snow Globe Stroll is supported by the Summit County Restaurant Tax Grant, Historic Park City Alliance, Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, Park City Municipal Corporation, and Rocky Mountain Power.