I fought with myself this morning. Not about the alarm or playing hooky and going biking. I fought with myself about breakfast. Specifically, about whether I could justify eating pie for breakfast or not.

I decided against the pie. It was probably the wrong decision.

Nevertheless, here I am (sans pie), and all I can think about is the extra dessert I get to have tonight as a result of my amazing self-discipline.

All of this is to say that sugar addiction is a real thing. But even if you don’t have a “problem” necessarily, it’s always nice to know where you can go for the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Or sweet teeth.

  1. Java Cow Coffee & Ice Cream (402 Main Street) - It’s summer. It’s ice cream. If you aren’t an ice cream lover they also have a drool-worthy display stocked with pastries.
  2. Café Terigo (424 Main Street) - That bread pudding though. Café Terigo was also the first place that I ever had creme brulee. Suffice it to say, I’m addicted now.
  3. Riverhorse (540 Main Street) - Speaking of creme brulee, Riverhorse has a peanut butter version with caramelized banana and a chocolate dipped pretzel. You don’t really need any further convincing, right?
  4. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (510 Main Street) - Probably best known for their caramel apples, this famous chocolate shop sells fudge, truffles, turtles and just about anything dipped in chocolate. Seriously, Rice Krispie Treats, strawberries, bananas and even cheesecake. My personal favorite is the Apple Pie Caramel Apple.
  5. Peace, Love & Little Donuts (738 Main Street) - All I can say about this is it’s about time Park City had a donut shop.

If, for some unknown reason, you’re still not satisfied with my list, Main Street is literally lined with restaurants. Award-winning restaurants actually. And you know what restaurants have? Dessert menus.

Personally, I’ve never understood why the server comes around at the end of the meal and asks if I want to see a dessert menu. Is that a joke?

Of course I want to see a dessert menu. I want to study a dessert menu and carefully weigh my options. Luckily for me (and you), there really are no bad options when it comes to sugar.