Confession: I may have a shopping problem. I never thought about it much until I started to think about this post.

It all started one morning while trying to figure out what to wear that day. As I thumbed through my closet, I thought about each item and the story that went along with each one. Is that weird? I quickly realized that several items were purchased in the last six months; all of them from Historic Park City and most items were less than $100. Yes, several items purchased in Historic Park City for less than $100. 

So, where did I go and what did I buy?

Last spring I was looking for a dress to wear to my Rehearsal Dinner. I went to all of my regular stops and found two equally perfect dresses one at Flight and one at Cake. After much deliberation that included texting my mom, sister, and stepmom and dragging my then-fiancé to see both options, I decided a lovely white, form-fitting lace dress from Cake by Velvet. It was the perfect. This dress was a little more than $100; I think it was around $118 (in my book still incredibly affordable especially for an occasion.)

As our wedding neared, the forecast was terrifying. It was April in Southern Utah, so somewhat to be expected, but SNOW. Needless to say, I scurried up and down Main Street looking for something to provide some protection from the inevitable. I wandered into Changing Hands and was immediately drawn to a gold sparkly cardigan originally from Ann Taylor. I’m not sure it was ever worn before, but I was glad to have it in my hands. 

Fast forward to July 4th. Call me crazy, but after the madness of the parade, before I commit to City Park I like to peek inside a few shops. This particular July 4th, Grace Clothiers had a 50% off sale. How could you not? I did. I picked out two beautiful white tops: one a cotton undershirt so soft I’d love to wear it daily (I should have purchased two) and the sweetest blouse with sheer sleeves; perfect for casual or dressy occasions. Both well under $100 before and after the 50% discount.

In late August, I attended a local Harvest Dinner, and I hadn’t been shopping since early July! One of my favorite shopping strategies is shopping late season. You are usually a little tired of your fallback wardrobe, and it’s a great time to find a few things to finish out the season. I had an hour, so I planned on a quick run through Olive & Tweed and Flight and left both shops with an adorable dress each for less than $100.

As September rolled around, fall fashion had started to make itself known. While browsing Double Diamond Shoes, I found a few pair of last year’s boots and stumbled upon a pair of Splendid boots for 70% off in my size! Check!

With a love for shopping, supporting local business and any excuse to enjoy Main Street, I could barely wait for Fall Into Fashion. This time, my first stop was Mary Jane’s a long-time favorite.  Each time I go to Mary Jane’s I follow a similar plan – walk around and take everything in before selecting anything to try on. After I’m sure I’ve gotten a visual I’ll take my next lap where I select a few items to try on.  Once I’m in the dressing room area, I find myself just enjoying the ambiance. It’s so cozy and comfortable. Once again, I found a must-have dress and unique shirt and once again each item was well under $100.

You know, I think any smart shopper would make it a point to browse Historic Park City merchants at least once a month.  You never know what you may find, but chances are you may surprise yourself and find many items you just can’t live without.

I have only scratched the surface on where and why to shop on Main Street. The boutiques listed above just happen to be where I’ve purchased items over the last few months, but there are several more you must check out. Which boutiques do you favor?