Once the sun goes down, the curfew whistle is blown, and the last of late night diners are gone, Historic Park City becomes a utopia for anyone over the age of 21. While the town is bustling all day long, things really start getting fun after hours when the bar neophytes and connoisseurs alike enjoy libations- mountain town style.

Whether you're looking for a local's hangout with cheap beer, a dance floor with flashing lights or a swanky saloon- you can find them all within a few well-lit blocks.  The bars are not, however, limited to the norm.  You can also enjoy locally distilled whiskey and vodka at High West Distillery, local pizza all night at Sidecar, Park City’s signature acai drink at the Sky Bar, and locally brewed jalapeno beer at Wasatch Brewery

For those who like to sing, there’s karaoke, for those who like to listen, there are frequent live bands.  Find yourself relaxing in the same spot a miner enjoyed a drink over 100 years ago. Possibly the best news of all is the free public transportation open until 1am and the notorious karaoke cab. Don’t worry about holding back, because you can wash it all down with a bloody and some breakfast at the Morning Ray the next day.