I'm often asked about how a gallery is run, from the business side, and the answer is -- every gallery and every day is unique, just as every artist and collector are as well. Park City is filled with friendly gallery associates (sometime called sales consultants) and most are eager to chat with you about their art! Some of the galleries are even run by the artists themselves, so you can hear about the work from the creator.

At my space, Gallery MAR, we work with a collection of 32 artists who bring their artwork to Park City from all over the country. We have a few, choice, local artists that we are fortunate to represent. The majority of the art pieces are consigned here, which means that when they sell, both the artist and the gallery are paid for the paintings.

At Gallery MAR, we don't recommend artist contracts, so my artists have the freedom to show with whom they want to, and can move their art in or out of the gallery at a time that is best for them. Typically, we keep a work of art, whether it is sculpture or a painting, no more than one year.

Guests in the gallery are welcome to ask questions; we encourage it! People who are new to browsing galleries should take their time and walk through with openeyes. The more you see, the more you will learn about what your personal tastesare, and what type of artwork you are attracted to and want to collect.

Gallery MAR offers artwork beginning at under $500, so there are many ways to collect art at a low price point. We even offer lay-away (many galleries do)!

Our collectors come to us from everywhere: from Salt Lake City to as far as Australia. And we ship a large portion of the artwork that we well out of the state, to homes across the country.

It's a joy to see photos coming in through our email, with capture the final locations of these works of art. Seeing the paintings hung on the wall, or a sculpture perfectly placed on a pedestal, is one of the most rewarding parts of my job

By Maren Maren