Park City has a long history of being the place to go in Utah for a bustling nightlife scene. During the silver mining boom, our little town even had over 100 saloons.

These days there are about a dozen bars, clubs, and old fashioned saloons in the historic district and each of them have a different vibe and lineup of entertainment. But that’s just on any old night of the week. When it comes to New Year’s Eve, the nightlife on Main Street is even better.

It’s not exactly recommended to drink on an empty stomach, so we’d highly advise getting reservations for dinner first (and you will want to make reservations). Firewood just opened up this season, and they’re bringing a unique dining experience to Main Street. All of the dishes are locally sourced and cooked over a wood fire.

Of course you don’t have to go straight from dinner to the bar. If you never got the chance to see The Beatles in concert, well, you still won’t unfortunately. But you can see the show “Imagine—Remembering the Fab Four” at the Egyptian Theatre on New Year’s Eve! We’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love The Beatles and this is sure to be a fun show. Plus, it starts at 8:00, so you still have plenty of time to watch the clock at midnight.

If you’re looking for a spot to watch the ball drop in New York (at 10:00p.m. MST), head over to No Name Saloon. Flanagan’s and Rock & Reilly’s also offer more tables if you’re looking for a seat and a slightly mellower experience.

And if you want to dance, The Downstairs and Park City Live are your scene for sure. Each NYE, Park City Live hosts their annual Black & White Masquerade featuring DJ Ross One. Get your tickets, your outfit, and your mask ready. At The Downstairs, DJ Soulman & Brisk will be hosting their New Year’s Eve party. Again, you’ll want to have your tickets and your clothes ready.

Speaking of clothes, the boutiques in town have styles and designers you can’t find in national chain retailers. Find the perfect New Year’s dress at Habit, Flight, or Farasha Boutique and new shoes at Mary Jane’s. Men, you need to look the part too so don’t think you got off easy. Gorsuch and Prospect will have what you need.

It wouldn’t be a New Year’s Eve post without mentioning that we want everyone to have a good night AND get home safely. Call a Lyft, cab, or get your underage sibling/friend/child to pick you up. Happy 2017!