Chimayo, located at 368 Main Street, serves exceptional southwestern cuisine.  The extraordinary food is a reflection of the Chef Arturo Flores’ passion and own unique story.

The Executive Chef of both Chimayo Southwestern Restaurant and Windy Ridge Café, Flores’ journey with the company and as a chef is an incredible story of success and dedication. Moving to the United States from Mexico in 1993 after completing law school, Flores originally thought he would return to Mexico after working and saving money for six months to pursue a career in law. Realizing that his passion was not in the courts, but rather in the kitchen, Flores decided to follow his heart and make a more permanent move to the US.

Advancing to the position of Food Runner at Grappa after a short time, Arturo Flores’ interest in food and cooking began to blossom. Flores was quickly promoted to Expeditor and Prep Chef. During this time, Flores learned the basics of cooking, preparing sauces, plating food and expediting. Flores was brought on to work in White’s second restaurant venture, Chimayo Southwestern Restaurant, where he worked as an Expeditor and then Sous Chef before being promoted to Executive Chef in 2000. Flores is also currently the Executive Chef at Windy Ridge Café. He has been managing both kitchens since 2009.

His love for his job and for cooking inspires him to work fervently, ensuring that both kitchens run flawlessly. Although he has had no formal culinary training, Flores describes his advancement as a chef and within the company as attendance at “the school of Bill White.” Working closely with White for almost two decades, Flores has continually had the opportunity to learn from his boss everything from technique to blending flavors to working with new ingredients. When given the opportunity to work in the kitchen with White on parties and events, Flores says that this is still one of his favorite parts of his job. Ever passionate, Flores believes that cooking is “something from the heart.” He enjoys creating new dishes and making menu changes to utilize seasonal ingredients and keep everything fresh.