Mom, I’m Hungry.

Park City’s Historic Main Street is known for many things, but perhaps we are most renowned for our plethora of amazing restaurants. Over the years, securing a table at Park City’s highest rated restaurants during the middle of the winter season and perhaps a few of the busiest weeks of summer has required a little bit of pre-planning, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing until you hear those three little words, “Mom, I’m hungry.”  Dining with kids in Park City can be just as much fun as a sophisticated night out on the town, and we’re here to share a few of our favorite tips on how to respond without skipping a beat.

First things first, SNACKS. Before I was a mom, I didn’t realize that snacks were just as, if not more important than meals. Now, with a two and four-year-old in tow, I truly understand that you can NEVER have enough snacks. But, while on Main Street running out of snacks is not an issue. With just a few steps, your kids can fill their bellies with house made pastries, ice cream, chocolates, gourmet pre-packaged snacks, or in the coming months your favorite snacks from 7-11. Depending on where you are on the street, check out Atticus (738 Main Street), Java Cow (402 Main Street), or Park City Provisions (221 Main Street). As an added bonus for us parents, all three of these options offer gourmet coffees and teas.

I don’t know about you, but If my kids aren’t snacking it’s likely because they are eating an actual meal.

Breakfast on Main Street can take on two forms. You can choose from a leisurely sit-down breakfast or grab and go. For the latter, see snack recommendations above. For the former, Eating Establishment (317 Main Street) and The Bridge (825 Main Street) are great for a traditional American breakfast. The Eating Establishment is one of Park City’s oldest restaurants, while The Bridge offers a Brazilian twist on American favorites. If you prefer an Aussie style breakfast, keep heading down the hill to Harvest (820 Main Street), which has recently expanded and also offers delicious Harvest boxes for pick up each week.

In today’s world, easy grab and go meals have become more popular than ever. In addition to the snack options listed above, the aptly named Backdoor Deli (136 Heber Avenue), located on at the intersection of Heber Avenue and Swede Alley offers delectable deli sandwiches and Poke bowls. It’s a tiny little spot, but a perfect spot to grab lunch and enjoy on a street bench watching the street pass by.

If you’re looking for a little more space and some time to relax for a while, there are a handful of lunch / dinner spots that are our go-tos with kids. These restaurants were selected because they offer a little more space to spread out, a kid-friendly menu and price point, and are fairly easy to grab a table while also tasting delicious for the parents of the group.

The Annex Family Restaurant (449 Main Street) is the latest restaurant from the restaurant group that owns No Name Saloon and Butcher’s Chophouse. The Annex was created because of the need for additional family, friendly restaurants on Main Street.

Have you ever met a kid that didn’t like pizza? I’m not sure I have. Red Banjo Pizza (322 Main Street) is one of Park City’s longest running restaurants and serves pizzas, sandwiches, salads, pastas and a variety of beers and wines.

In addition to pizza, Mexican tends to be a favorite amongst children. Main Street is home to two Mexican restaurants, Tekila (255 Main Street) and Crystal Park Cantina (412 Main Street), both spots have a healthy selection of Mexican favorites each with their own spin, and perhaps most importantly delicious margaritas for parents.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of where to eat on Main Street, head on over to our interactive business map to search and sort all of Main Street’s restaurants. Hopefully this list helps you with a few ideas of where to turn if the need arises next time you are on Park City’s Main Street with your kiddos (or even just with other adults, kids are not required J )