Dolly’s Bookstore was opened at 510 Main Street in Park City in June 1975 and was known as “Dolly’s Boutique and Bookstore.” The original owner, Dolly Makoff, still lives in Park City and started the business in what was then a small mining town home to two active silver operations. The store offered sundries, clothing and LP records in addition to a selection of books. The original bookstore was closed from the end of ski season to Memorial Day and from Labor Day until Thanksgiving.

Over the years the bookstore has undergone a number of renovations and transformations in an effort to remain viable. The operation currently houses a confectionery shop and the bookstore under one roof. It is still located in the heart of historic Park City between the post office and the Park City Museum.

Dolly’s Bookstore offers books for readers of all tastes and ages, as well as a selection of titles by regional authors exploring the local history of the town and area. Patrons will also find a variety of toys, gift items, stationery and fun. We are also host to author signings and presentations throughout the year.

Home to more than just books, Dolly’s Bookstore is also called home by two cats; Che and Dolly.  Although the original namesake of Dolly’s Bookstore is very much human, the store has a long history of being home to a cat named Dolly. The first black and white feline to live here died unfortunately when the building caught fire. Shortly afterwards, a stray long-haired tuxedo showed up. It was the spitting image of Dolly the cat in all ways except gender, and the store now had its first “Mr.” Dolly.

Mr Dolly lived until the ripe old age of 17, calling the bookstore his home for all of it. The current Mr Dolly is also a black and white cat who likes to wander the streets of Park City. He is a short-hair tuxedo, however, and less cranky than the former Mr D.

Che (CHAY – as in Che Guevara), buddy to both Mr Dollys, is the long-haired brown and black Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest mix here at the bookstore. Che has called Dolly’s home for a long time as well, and is somewhere between 16 and 18 years old. He’s still a big guy who can jump up to his box behind the front counter, where you are most likely to find him sleeping.

Both cats are friendly and love attention. Unless, that is, they have been chased, vocalized too loudly at or loved on too enthusiastically, in which case they may hide or occasionally express displeasure via a flash of tooth or claw.  Experience them from your own home via their YouTube videos.