On December 16th, the City Council and Mayor presented the Environmental Heros Award to Andy Beerman and Thea Leonard with Treasure Mountain Inn.

Treasure Mountain Inn (TMI) has been  committed to sustainable business practices for many years. In announcing the award, Park City Mayor Dana Williams congratulated Treasure Mountain Inn for its “long-standing example of environmental stewardship in our community. TMI has adopted green practices which extend far beyond day-to-day business operations and reflect a genuine concern for the future of our planet and the long-term sustainability of our environment”. The Mayor continued, “[Treasure Mountain Inn] is proof that doing good business can, and should, include doing what’s right for future generations as well”.

TMI is a member of the Green Hotels Association and, as a participant in the “1% for the Planet” organization, donates a minimum of 1% of its gross revenues to environmental organizations. TMI has provided grants totaling more than $100,000 to several environmental organizations through its participation. The hotel purchases Blue Sky renewable energy credits for all of its electricity usage and became the first hotel in Utah to go carbon neutral when it acquired carbon-reducing offsets for its remaining footprint. In addition to these programs, the hotel installed a 4-kilowatt solar array to produce clean electricity onsite.

TMI coordinates an extensive internal recycling program, started in 1996, and has twice been named Business Recycler of the Year in Utah. Their green efforts also include purchasing materials with recycled content, such as their carpets which are made of recycled material. Additionally, water-saving fixtures and ENERGY STAR appliances complement high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, further reducing the hotel’s environmental impact.

The Environmental Heroes Award recognizes local leaders who are working hard to protect and improve the natural environment in Park City and beyond. This new award is a way for City Council to formally recognize and thank individuals and organizations for exceptional contributions for environmental sustainability.