Over the last several months we’ve shared stories from notable Park City residents. Each of these stories shares how and why each of these individuals fell in love with Park City.

This week, we are sharing the story of Emily Elliot. Emily moved to Park City in 1993 right around the 4th of July. It just so happened to snow that 4th of July giving Emily and family one more reason to love the town they’d just moved to.

Nearly 25 years later, Emily continues to love all that Park City has to offer. She loves the mix and anything and everything you could possibly want on Main Street. She loves the natural community gathering spots on Main Street and the charm and connections that make the community great.

Park City has changed quite a bit since 1993, but for Emily and her family the changes have made Park City all that much better.

If you live in or have visited Park City, you likely have you own reasons for falling in love with this charming town. Care to share?