Typically when we think of an après concert, the concert is after an activity, i.e. skiing or biking, etc. However, Historic Park City believes that the phrase après concert should refer to the event following the concert. It the strictest interpretation of the phrase we happen to think that is a more accurate meaning. We hereby declare Historic Park City as the official après concert destination in Park City.

You know those nights when you are dancing the night away, and the band has to call it quits, but you are not quite ready for the evening to end? Well, that is when you head to Historic Park City, your official après concert destination.

Depending on the time of night your options are endless.

  • Grab a late dinner at one of our many restaurants
  • Have an ice cream cone or sweet treat
  • Grab a drink and catch up with your fellow concert attendees rehashing your favorite moments from the show
  • Continue dancing the night away at one of the nightclubs.

Browse restaurants, spots for sweet treats, and nightlife venues.

Various venues throughout Park City host concerts nearly every night of the week. Historic Park City is ready to be your après concert destination nightly. If a late night soiree isn’t your thing, consider Historic Park City for your pre-concert entertainment. In addition to food and drink, you can browse galleries and boutiques. Better yet, consider staying the night! We’ll keep you entertained for days if you’ll let us.