Our December #HistoricPC winner lives in Provo and travels for work, but she still manages to head up to Historic Park City a few times a month for inspiration for her own artwork. We suggest following @lindseyelem on Instragram for more photos from a unique perspective such as her winning photo from December of Mr. & Mrs. Claus. Read more to learn why Lindsey loves Historic Park City. 

Yes, Park City is spectacular for year round outdoor sports, and I do enjoy that immensely, but there’s something about the city that I love even more-- the art scene. As a young professional photographer, I am constantly looking for inspiration, whether in my environment, in my daily life, or in others’ work. Park City is a great place to peruse galleries full of art, from traditional forms (photography, sculpture, painting) to less-recognized forms (jewelry, handcrafted cowboy boots, snowboards). Gallery strolls on the last Friday of each month are a great way to meet other art professionals and enthusiasts.

With all this talk of art we cannot exclude film! Perhaps the thing I brag most about to out-of-town friends is the fact that Park City hosts most of the Sundance Film Festival, which is taking place right this minute.  Acceptance into the festival is sought after by filmmakers of all kinds. Why? Because hundreds of films that began at Sundance have won critical recognition and commercial distribution. As a Festival audience member, it’s thrilling to be shocked and awed by these cutting edge movies. The whole town comes alive during Sundance- celebrities are walking Main Street, every restaurant is buzzing, and there’s live music every night. The atmosphere at this time of year can’t be beat.