I was excited to learn my photo of the Sundance Film Festival marquee at The Egyptian Theater on Main Street had won the Historic Park City Contest for the month of January. Instagram has been a hobby of mine ever since I've had an iPhone, but I am by no means a real "photographer." Most of my photos happen spontaneously when I'm out and about. Not only was it a great compliment to have my photo chosen, it was also a fun surprise since I didn't know there was a contest, or that using the #historicpc hashtag was entering me into one. I'd been following the Historic Park City page on Instagram for a while, and would use the hashtag when my photos were Park City related. Utah has a great IG Community, and using the various Utah hashtags has introduced me to a creative group of peers who love the beauty our State has to offer as much as I do. I've made some wonderful friends, learned about destinations, dined at new restaurants, and have also attended Instameets with fellow "Grammers" all thanks to being a part of IG Utah.

As a result of winning the contest, I was asked to contribute a blog entry, and so I thought it would be fun to share a few more photos that capture Park City from my perspective. I live in Draper, which is only about 35 minutes away from Park City, and I visit Park City as often as I can. It's a nice escape from the urban sprawl of the Salt Lake Valley, and makes me feel like I'm "getting away" from everyday life, even if it's only for an afternoon of shopping or for a girls night out. I also love to ski and hike, so for me there's no place better than Park City, and the beauty it offers with each season.

And now, a few of my favorite #HistoricPC photos.

January_#HistoricPCThis is the photo that won the contest. I've jokingly titled it "The   Calm Before The Storm." I happened to be in Park City for a Girl’s Night Out the weekend before the festival started, and was excited to see the marquee was already up although it was a quiet night on Main Street. My friends and I were walking to Silver for cocktails after having Sushi at Shabu, and I was awestruck by the stillness of the street and all of the lights. I returned just three nights later once the festival had started and by then the streets were jam packed with people, taxis and cars. It would have been impossible to capture this shot if I'd waited until the festival had started.




 Girls Night OutSince I mentioned our Girl’s Night Out, I figured I should also share a photo that captures the true spirit of that evening. This was taken while having sushi at Shabu. For me, the cool part of this photo is that it documents a night of meeting new IG friends. This was the first time the five of us had ever met, and as you can see we hit it off really well. If I didn't know better, I'd assume we'd been friends for years. I guess that's the affect a fun night out in PC has on most people. Lucky for me, this night was the beginning of many more fun moments with this awesome group of women. I must add that my favorite part of this photo is, Lacy, who appears to be stabbing me in the back of the head with chopsticks! I guess she figured it was more fun than doing the standard "bunny ears" behind my head. Haha!

Street ArtAnybody who follows me on Instagram (@i_chrissy) knows I love street art. I feel it is so much more than just graffiti. I don't know the story behind this piece, but I admire it each time I'm on Main. I love the brightness it adds to the underground area it's painted in that is visible when walking up the street.




Food and Wine Festival


I love the Canyons Resort, and this day at the Park City Food & Wine Classic was perhaps one of my favorite days last Summer. It was one of those perfect Park City days where most of the women were in sundresses and out of the blue it began to downpour. The funny thing is that it didn't seem to matter to anyone. I guess when you’re having an amazing time sampling wines and food from some of Park City's top restaurants a little rain isn't going to scare anyone away. After huddling inside a nearby pavilion for about 10 minutes, we were back outside enjoying what turned out to be a beautiful, memorable day.


Arts Festival Hands down, the Park City Arts Festival is the event I look  forward to all summer. I've been attending it for close to  20 years now, and every year I come home with at least  one piece of jewelry (usually two or three). I like  handmade one of a kind pieces and I've acquired a fun  assortment of jewelry over the years. I grew up attending  outdoor antique and art festivals almost every weekend as  a child with my father who had an antique store, so I guess  you could say they're in my blood. This photo of my  daughter means a lot to me for many reasons. It's special  because my kids are old enough to enjoy and appreciate  the festival too. They love doing crafts in the kid section,  getting their faces painted and of course all of the food.  This piano was on display adjacent to the kid’s craft area,  so my daughter decided to sit down and make a little music for us that day, even though she doesn't know how to play. I have photos of myself at art fairs as a child, so this photo carries on the tradition, and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

As you can see, Park City inspires me to capture memories through my camera. I hope you've enjoyed my small collection of photos. Please feel free to follow me on Instagram under the name @i_chrissy. My page is an extremely random collection of the little things in life that make me happiest... the beauty of our State (I have a "thing" for trees), urban art, my family, and restaurants I love. Let me know you found me on this blog, and I will follow you back.