Although it may not be apparent, I struggled mightily to fabricate a caption that was an appropriate fit for this photograph. After pondering for nearly 45 seconds, I was not willing to sacrifice the warmth of my breakfast sandwich, so I gave up and went with my gut on this one.

Caption. Inside of a deli along Main Street. OK. Share to FOLLOWERS. SHARE.

Another square-cropped photo successfully ‘grammed. Pretty rad, huh?

It was closing week at Park City Mountain Resort and my dear Aunt Cathi and Uncle Jeff were in town for a visit. They had just spent the entire 2013-14 season skiing Red Mountain Resort in Rossland BC, Canada, and they weren’t quite ready to hang up their boots as they made their journey back home to New Jersey. Why not stop in Utah to visit their favorite nephew, right?

It was nearly three years ago when I told my aunt and uncle I had accepted a video producer position at Deer Valley Resort for the 2011-12 season. As a couple who have skied some of the greatest mountains worldwide, they were envious when I broke the news. I had just finished grad school and I never intended to leave my home of six years in Pittsburgh, PA, so I was a bit apprehensive about packing up and heading to Utah without knowing an entire soul. Having worked on a documentary project on the Pony Express Route a couple years earlier, I was already acquainted with Utah’s summertime beauty, but it was reassuring to hear my aunt and uncle rave about winter Utah. Sure, I, too, loved to ski and yeah, I remembered the Salt Lake Olympics were held there just a decade earlier, but I still wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into.

End flashback. It’s April 2014 and I’ve been a resident of Utah for 29 consecutive months. It’s a tale familiar to many who have migrated to work the Utah resorts, but I’m still here. And to be honest, I don’t want to leave. Although I have settled in Salt Lake City since my arrival, I have been commuting to Park City each day for work. After that first winter at Deer Valley, I moved on to a director/producer role at Park City Television. I finally got to know Park City well during my 22-month tenure there.

Aunt Cathi and Uncle Jeff spent a week in Park City back in January 2012 and I wasn’t much help when it came to suggesting where to go and what to eat. I didn’t even know where the liquor stores were. It was great to have an opportunity to redeem myself after allowing my local chops marinate for two years. After experiencing everything that makes this town one of the most unique places I’ve ever been: the world-class winter athletes competing at the local resorts, the Park Silly Sunday markets, the Sundance Film Festivals, the 4th of July & Miner’s Day celebrations, the gallery strolls, the film series, the bark in the parks, the Psicobloc climbing competitions at the Utah Olympic Park, and every single Friday morning when Charlie Sturgis came into the studio at PCTV to give us the weekly update on the Mountain Trails Foundation, I had plenty of stories to share this time around, even if it was my first time inside the Main Street Deli.

I’ve always taken a liking to the hand-painted sign upon the deli’s entrance. As someone who possesses a natural tendency to document, I retrieved my phone from my pocket to snap a quick photo before filling my cup with coffee. It was by chance the Main Street Trolly came trudging along at that very same moment.

Click. Nailed it.

I love you, Park City. You’ve been very good to me.