I’ve lived in Park City for nearly 3 years and there’s no other place I’d like to call home. I’ve been fortunate to have lived in SLC for many years and I was able to explore Utah by foot, skis and bike. Utah is a lifetime of adventure and 9 years in, I’ve barely scratched the surface. About 1 year ago, I decided to travel and pursue photography full-time and I left Park City without planning to return. I left my options open to see if somewhere else called to me. I spent months traveling all over the western US and guess where I ended up? I can honestly say that I’ve never been to a place like Park City and I use my camera to help others see how special this place is.

I was asked to write a blog post for Historic Park City about why I love Park City. I could write a book on this so I’ll keep it short for this! I’ll just mention a few reasons I love this place and I hope you make it a point to visit sometime soon.

As an outdoor photographer, I particularly love the mornings in Park City. We’re on the east side of the Wasatch Mountains so mornings are often the best time to be outside. The sunrises are spectacular, the air is generally still and there’s nothing quite like watching a place you love come to life. Don’t be surprised if you see others out in the morning as it is no secret that this is the best time of day!

I also enjoy the art minded community that resides and visits Park City. Kimball Arts Center is the hub of the art scene in Park City and does a great job at presenting and showcasing local art of all types. A stroll up and down Main Street will lead you past numerous galleries from locally and nationally recognized artists. The Arts Festival in August is the main attraction and is inspiring to say the least. It is an incredible feeling as an artist to be surrounded by a community that appreciates the artist, the work and the creativity of others.

My final thought of why I love Park City is a simple one. The people. I love the people in Park City that also call this place home. They value time outside, they’re motivated, they’re hospitable and most of all, they’re genuine. When we say welcome, it’s because we truly mean it. So welcome to Park City, UT.


Park City Sunset Eric_Erlenbusch 


Park City White Barn_ Eric Erlenbusch


Park City_Eric Erlenbusch


Park City Art Eric Erlenbusch 

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