Park City: The Best of Both Worlds

I grew up in a small town in rural Wisconsin. Ok, tiny is probably a better word; it was a big deal when our population sign was updated to show over a thousand residents—1,101 to be exact. I loved the warm, welcoming atmosphere and the fact that I knew everyone in town. It was nearly impossible to go to the grocery store, library, or anywhere else without stopping to chat with a friend or neighbor.

I never saw myself living in a big city, but several years ago, my husband and I found ourselves relocating to Dallas, TX. We originally made the trip to meet up with the rest of our band/ministry (Men as Trees Walking) and go on tour, which we did. We spent the majority of the next three years touring around the country. When our last major tour ended we arrived back in Dallas and just never left! I had to become accustomed to big-city living, and I admit that I did (eventually) end up really liking Dallas. There was always something to do, and anything I needed or wanted was always readily available--a luxury that you definitely don't have in a town of 1,101 people. However, I never felt like I could call Dallas “home,” no matter how much I enjoyed living there; it just didn’t have the small town vibe that I knew and loved.

On one of our tours with the band, we performed in Park City. Our bandmates had wanted to relocate here for quite some time, and had longtime friends who lived in town for thirty-something years. Although I didn't get to spend much time exploring the city during our stay, I loved it right away. I was immediately enthralled with this quaint, historic town that is nestled into majestic mountains. It was absolutely beautiful, and felt much more like home than Dallas ever did. It was hard to leave!

About a year ago, a BIG door opened for us, and we found ourselves moving here! My husband, myself, our bandmates, and three other friends relocated here in late February. While I seriously hate the process of moving, once we arrived and got settled in, I haven't regretted it for a moment!

Now, to get to the point—there are so many things that I love about Park City! It is the perfect blend of small town and big city. It has all of the things that I missed about my hometown such as the unique, charming atmosphere; the wonderful local shops and businesses; the community-focused events and activities; and the feeling that I am part of a close-knit group of residents. But, it also has the best parts of Dallas: arts, culture, and entertainment; an abundance of great restaurants; and amazing accessibility (a free public bus system? How awesome is that?!).

I also love all of the different seasons that Park City experiences--both the natural seasons and the ebb and flow of activity around town. Spring was pleasant, peaceful, and filled with lots of sunny mornings spent reading and relaxing on our balcony; summer was an amazing whirlwind of local events, concerts, and outdoor exploring; and fall was beautiful and crisp—perfect weather for an afternoon stroll up and down Main Street! I am about to experience my first full Park City winter, and I can't wait! While my time in Dallas thoroughly thinned my blood (I'm getting acclimated pretty quickly, though!), I am looking forward to the hustle and bustle that ski season and Sundance will bring.

All in all, I feel extremely blessed to call Park City home. Whether you live here (full-time or part-time) or just come for a visit, this picturesque mountain town will make you fall in love.