Kristen, our October #HistoricPC winner, did the unthinkable in moving to Park City with four school aged kids. Active on social media as @kristenskimom; give her a follow and watch as they continue to enjoy Park City as year round residents. Her winning Halloween gram does a great job highlighting why Travel & Leisure choose Park City as one of the top Halloween events in the country. 

10 Reasons We Came to Park City and Never Left 

We first visited Park City 1996 with some friends who dragged us along on a group ski trip from Connecticut. It was more than we ever imagined, so much so that we came back for 17 years straight.

Fast forward to 2012, four kids later and four moves later we were relocated back to the US. We couldn’t find a house that worked, so we did the unthinkable – threw our stuff in storage and decided to spend the year in Park City on a ski adventure.

We knew it was a great place to visit, but living here is off the charts.  So with that, I leave you with the top 10 reasons why we never want to leave:

  1. Snow. The slogan on the Utah license plates is no joke. Indeed, it is the “Greatest Snow on Earth”.  This dry, fluffy goodness brings a smile to your face every time it falls from the sky.
  2. Winter Sports.  Park City is filled with them. There is no place on earth to get outside and enjoy winter to it’s fullest.
  3. Summer.  The weather is perfect, and there are endless trails everywhere for hiking, running and biking. Summer is amazingly gorgeous and can easily compete with those crazy fun winters.
  4. Dining. This is actually a drawback, because there are so many amazing places to eat out, my kids want to go all the time.  My 5 year old begs on a daily basis to visit Yuki Yama Sushi. One kid wants to go to Wahso or Mustang, another to Butcher’s Chop House.  And if you come visit me, I will probably take you to High West Distillery for a cocktail or two.
  5. Halloween.  A few weeks ago we spent our first Halloween in Park City by heading to Historic Park City – otherwise known as Old Town – for two hours of trick or treating on Main Street.  I figured we would end up with some Skittles and call it an afternoon. I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Just about every shop and restaurant had candy to give out, Chimayo was making cotton candy, and even the dogs were in costume.
  6. Santa Claus. One night a year – before he comes for real on the 24thhe arrives on the Town Lift and lands right in Historic Park City. When the lights of his sleigh come out of the darkness over the top of the hill, you can’t help but gasp in delight.
  7. The Easter Bunny. Sure, the Easter Bunny might come to your house. But at Park City Mountain Resort, he lays eggs all over the mountain, including a few Golden Ones with prizes. Hands down, the best egg hunt we’ve ever been to.
  8. Sundance. For 10 days every year, the Sundance Film Festival makes its home in Park City.  There is excitement in the air, a new crowd in town, and movies on every corner.
  9. Winter Olympic Games.  Park City was home to many of the events of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. The Utah Olympic Park is home to ski jumps, a luge and bobsled track, and a great interactive museum for kids.
  10. History.  There is something so intriguing about the story of this mining town. Stop by the Park City Museum on Main Street and you will get the full scoop. One of my favorite parts is the old mining cars they turned into a “Ski Train” to bring vacationers up on the mountain.                    

These are only ten reasons, but I could keep going on and on.  The end result? Our temporary ski adventure in Park City has turned into a full time adventure. Come see for yourself….but just a warning you won’t want to leave.