Our first #HistoricPC winner is Michelle McDonald. Michelle spends quite a bit of time in Historic Park City and does a great job discovering little nooks in (and above) the HistoricPC district! Learn more about why Michelle loves Park City so much. I'd also recommend following her on Instagram @mickinpc. 

Historic Park City from Michelle McDonald

There is no doubt about it; I love Historic Park City and enjoy each of the seasons in this charming mountain town.

I’ll start with the obvious: winter. We have the most-perfect snow on the planet; I love the bustle of Main Street with twinkle lights draped over the road. The legacy of the 2002 Olympics and world class sporting events taking place all season long are inspiring. Winter in Park City may be unbeatable!

Springtime?  You know those bluebird days when you can ski & bike in the same day and finish it all up with a beer in the sun at the bottom of the Town Lift - yes, please!

And summer?  Combine glorious weather, miles of trails, sunny dining decks on Main Street, free concerts nightly, plus cool (& Silly!) events every weekend – the best!

And now here we are: fall.  Everybody slows down, just a bit. We remember the 'little' town in which we are lucky enough to live.  Locals rally to Main Street to enjoy dining specials & gallery strolls (with each other). In fall, everyone is finding time to get outside and play - hiking and biking on miles of quieter trails now that the 'kids' are back in school!  The blue skies, the cheery colors of buildings in Old Town, changing leaves and weather seem to make many of us want to share that snapshot with everyone.  Even after living here for years I could caption every one of my cell phone camera photos with "Wow, I can’t believe we LIVE here!"

I think fall is the most inspiring season for taking pictures, so it seems Historic Park City couldn't have picked a better time to start the #historicPC photo contest.  In the fall, you can't help but try to be a photographer in Park City - and lucky for us our surroundings, along with some handy tools on Instagram, sometimes lead us to believe we might have a chance!

Now obviously I’m not a photographer, but like I said, there is no doubt that I love this place. It is likely I will keep trying to share that through snapshots – though maybe I’ll change my caption to “Believe it.  We LIVE here!”

A Note from Historic Park City - Michelle submitted several images to the #HistoricPC contest. Her winning photo was chosen as a perfect representation of the beautiful fall we have enjoyed these past few weeks. The warmth, the color and the enegry remind us of Michelle's statement above, "I think fall is the most inspiring season for taking pictures." After seeing all of the images shared through this contest, we have to agree. We have a beautiful fall. Don't forget to tag your photos #HistoricPC. Our next winner will be chosen from photos submitted October 1 - October 31.