On a Sunday in November, I met up with two friends for a girls'-only shopping trip in Historic Park City. Inspired to Keep it Local, I decided that this year, each gift that I buy would be from a Main Street store. The selection is incredible, and I love supporting my fellow merchants and friends. These independent stores are offering holiday deals, many have free shipping, and it keeps our tax dollars and cash here in town.

We started at the very pink, very girlie Mary Jane's, where I bought a pair of touch-screen-friendly gloves for my yoga-instructor friend in Palo Alto. It was hard to pass by a pair of brogues in Mary Jane's window (which I wanted for myself) but I held strong and also picked up a blue leather-look purse (under $50) for my San Francisco-based interior designer friend. I'll be back when it's "me" shopping time.

Moving upstairs to Mountain Town Olive Oil, both myself and my sister-in-law couldn't resist the "Mother in Law's Tongue" pasta, and we both put together gift bags of olive oil, salts, and sauces for our in-laws.

Home goods store Root'd was our next stop, where I found a chic set of blown-glass bowls for my loves-to-entertain big brother. Root'd shipped all five bowls for $10, and I wasn't charged sales tax for the out-of-state shipment-- a real savings! I will keep their candles, pillows, cards, and photo frames in mind for other stocking stuffers. Bonus! The store always has some kind of tasty treat (like peanut brittle) out for taste testing. Yum.

A local favorite, Olive and Tweed always has great options, for almost any age group of female. Earrings for a 50-something friend, and a street-chic jacket for my 30-something bestie. Plus, their scarves are not only a great gift, but a sustainable gift wrap option (a gift within a gift!).

I can't help myself at Prospect Kids. The owner has the most fashionable kids in town; their adorable look is something even adults can aspire to! Until they make kids' clothes in my size, I will have to settle for spoiling my cousin's daughter with an equestrian-themed black wool poncho. My girlfriend's little one will open a pink ruffle dress with striped tights-- adorbs! And don't get me started on their princess costumes...

Of course, all of the shopping had us famished, so we finished our shopping trip with lunch at 501 Main. Not only did we enjoy great service, but the black bean and chipotle burger was incredibly tasty. A delightful end to our shopping day. I still have a few friends and relatives on my list, but (thankfully) there are hundreds of other stores I can still visit in Historic Park City.