Park City Municipal recently joined a collection of Utah cities declaring the first week of July as “Independents Week”. The Buy Local First Utah Independents Week campaign is all about connecting locally owned businesses to other locals, and sharing the support that elected officials have for our locally owned businesses.  

As a consumer you can partake in Independents Week by pledging to buy locally, as often as possible, in support of the locally owned, independent businesses that add to the character of Utah, our economic well-being, and keep the American Dream alive.

Local businesses tend to support other local businesses, so your dollar stretches further into the local community through localnomics: an economic system by which locally owned independent businesses organize the production, purchase and sales of goods and services in a manner that encourages economic prosperity and builds community.

The businesses that line Park City’s Historic Main Street are primarily independent businesses. This week, consider grabbing lunch from a locally owned restaurant, stop by Dolly’s rather than logging onto Amazon, grab a coffee from an independent coffee shop rather than a large international chain. There are a number of ways you can fulfill your Independents Week pledge in Historic Park City! Stroll the street and you’ll certainly find a few opportunities.

You may just find that you prefer locally owned independent restaurants and boutiques. We know we do.