Nothing is more kid friendly than Pizza.  It is the one thing all families can agree on, and there are three great places to pick up a slice or two when the kids are in tow. 

Davanza’s is a local favorite and located just off Main Street on Park Avenue.  Sit and enjoy their pizza either by the slice or order a whole pie.  Pass the time by scanning the collection of beer cans and other memorabilia on the walls while listening to classic vinyl piped through the speakers.  Davanza’s is also known for its burgers, tacos and wings. 

Red Banjo Pizza is Park City’s oldest establishment and is run by 3 generations of the Toly Family.  The pizza is great from the Red Banjo Special to the other combinations named after Park City mine claims.  The basement is home to a handful of video games and a pinball machine to keep the kids entertained.

Main Street Pizza and Noodle Company excel with their specialty pizza offering unique fare such as the Hot & Spicy Southwest Burrito Pizza and their BBQ Pizza which is always a favorite of locals and visitors alike.  And as their name suggests they offer more than Pizza.  The menu offers a great selection of pastas and salads so everyone can have their own dish to enjoy.

All three establishments are open for lunch and dinner.  All serve beer which can provide a bit more relaxation to your meal with the family.