When you look forward to your trip to Park City, there are some things to consider to insure a great time at 7000 feet.  Yes, Park City’s elevation ranges from 6500' to 10,000' on the peaks, and Park City’s Main Street measures in at 7000 feet which, for many people is substantially above your home elevation.  

Do’s & Don’ts:
·    Take it easy on physical activities for the first 2 days
·    Hydrate yourself (even if you dont feel dehydrated)
·    Reduce alcohol and coffee consumption
·    Eat a healthy diet a few weeks prior to your visit

When in Historic Park City, take it easy and ride the free Trolley up-hill to minimize exertion.  The Trolley can be boarded all along the street.  Just stand on the curb, wave to the driver and the Trolley will pull over for you to hop on board.

We hope that you enjoy your time in Park City and may your visit be long enough for you to acclimate!