Beginning on Sunday, July 24, which happens to be Pioneer Day (a statewide holiday officially recognized by Utah government) the public  will now be able to purchase High West Distillery's vodkas and whiskeys 365 days a year at the distillery, located at 703 Park Avenue. This is a result of modifications to the Utah Senate Bill 2002 regarding Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Amendments on July 21, 2011, distilleries and breweries can now legally sell their own bottled spirits on Sundays and state and federal holidays for retail purchase.

Utah’s liquor laws have been put through tumultuous legislative sessions for many years. In 2009, distilleries and breweries could legally begin selling their own bottled liquor store-grade spirits on their own premises for retail purchases. The law, however, prohibited the sale of these spirits on Sundays and state and federal holidays. July 2011’s revisions are tailored specifically for this law. “Liquor is our commodity, and this modification is a positive change that affects our entire town,” said David Perkins, proprietor of High West Distillery. “Tourism, especially in Park City, draws a high demand for drinking, but Utah liquor laws often make it more difficult for people to enjoy that experience, even on their own terms. Now people are no longer bound by state-controlled liquor store hours and home consumption caveats.”