Revel (verb): to enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way, especially with drinking and dancing. While we may not use the word revel much in our day-to-day vernacular, it is an awesome word. It is hard to beat a night out on the town reveling.

A few friends and I recently embarked on an impromptu pub-crawl. So often we stick to what we know and fail to venture out and enjoy the wide-variety of nightlife establishments at our fingertips, so we decided to explore outside of our comfort zone and see what we could find. 

Our first stop was the No Name Saloon. It is hard to go wrong at the No Name at any time of day. Belly up to the bar and order a beer and a famous buffalo burger. Chat with Park City locals who will quickly tell you about No Name’s predecessor, the Alamo, or with Park City visitors who know they’ve found a local gem even if they aren't sure why. Make sure you head upstairs and check out the rooftop patio at sunset.  

After No Name we wandered across the street to Bistro 412. Bistro 412 is lounge-y and unassuming; it is my type of place. Browse the extensive wine and spirits menu or choose one of the many bottle or draught beer selections. The beverages aren't the only reason to stop at Bistro, if you are hungry the bar menu offers everything from wings to fried green tomatoes or order off of the eclectic dinner menu, my favorites include the lamb cups or the stuffed baby eggplant. Bistro 412 is a great spot to pre-game with your crew and get the night going with live DJ’s or acoustic musicians.

Our next stop was The Spur, located down the alley just north of 350 Main, which proved to be an awesome spot to spend a Sunday evening with Open Mic night and $3 margaritas.  Thursday – Saturday you will find live music from nationally touring bands and most likely be greeted by dancers as you walk in the door and immediately land on the dance floor. The Spur shares a kitchen and chef with 350 Main, which means the pub fare found at the Spur is a step above and mixed with a bit of southern influence.

We ended the evening at Cisero's, one of the dance clubs found on Main Street, located under the restaurant sharing the same name. The stage at Cisero’s is just as likely to host nationally renowned DJ’s and hip-hop artists as local favorite DJ’s and bands. Often a favorite for bachelorette parties and girl's nights, you are certain to find dancing, drinking and a really good time.

The days of having a hard time getting a drink in Utah are behind us, no more club memberships or sponsorships at the door. The establishments listed above will happily serve you a beverage (granted you are of age) and help make the most of your night out on the town; you may even walk away with a few stories to share.

The establishments listed above are a small sampling of the offerings in Historic Park City. Check out a complete list of nightlife establishments in Historic Park City or come visit and experience it for yourself.