Name: Amanda Hill

From: Sanford, Me

Years in Park City: 13

Occupation: Bar Owner, DJ, Graphic Designer

Favorite Dinner Spots:  
Chimayo and Flying Sumo

Favorite Lunch Spot:     
Uptown Fare

Favorite Main St. Breakfast:  
None. I prefer breakfast in bed.

Where do you go for a Cup of Joe?

Best Dessert in Town:
Downstairs for a cocktail…I prefer to drink my dessert.

Where do you shop for retail therapy?         
Mary Jane’s and Flight

Favorite Child-Friendly Businesses in Historic Park City:
Cow’s for ice cream

Favorite Art Galleries:     
Rich Haines Gallery

Best Cultural Offerings in Historic Park City:  
Park Silly Sunday Market

Best Businesses or Events for People Watching: 
I would have to say any business on Main for the 4th of July. Amazing people watching!

What Main Street events are your favorite and why?  
4th of July is by far my favorite. There are so many different activities for both kids and adults.  It is amazing how the whole community comes out and celebrates.

Best Aspect of DJing in Historic Park City:
I have to say DJing in Park City is by far my favorite place to DJ. People just come out to have fun! Whether it is the locals or the tourists, when they step into the club they are there to dance and party.

Don’t-Miss Venues for Nightlife:
Downstairs… Obviously.

Best Place to Capture the Local Flavor:
I would have to say depends on the night and which local flavor. Skullcandy does an amazing Locals' event at Downstairs on Wednesdays. But I would have to say for live music it’s The Spur and for just having an after work drink it's No Name Saloon.

Any locals’ secrets you’d like to share about Historic Park City? 
Carleen makes the best soup in town at Uptown Fare!