Name: Karen Terzian       

From: Sanger/San Luis Obispo, CA

Years in Park City: 13

Occupation: Owner, Terzian Galleries

Favorite Dinner Spots:
SILVER, Shabu, Prime Steakhouse & Piano Bar

Favorite Lunch Spots:
Vinto, Café Terigo, Uptown Fare

Favorite Main St. Breakfast:
Eating Establishment, of course!

Best Store for Retail Therapy:
Mary Jane’s

Favorite Art Gallery:
Umm, Terzian

Best People Watching:
Sundance Film Festival

Most Family-Friendly Activity:
Park City Museum

Live Music Venue:
Big Stars, Bright Nights Performing Arts Foundation concert series at Deer Valley

Favorite Bar:

Best Place to Capture the Local Flavor:
Halloween on Main Street with the doggie parade

How Do You Like to Spend a Summer Day in Historic Park City?
Early morning hike then strolling and dining outdoors in Historic Park City. If it’s 4th of July, we have a tradition of passing out donuts in front of Terzian Galleries.

Any locals’ secrets you’d like to share about Historic Park City?
Many visitors don’t know how beautiful the fall is in Park City or about the doggie parade down Main St. on Halloween. One of my favorite events is to see all the families come out for Halloween trick or treating on Main and then seeing all the great dog costumes.