Name: Lawrence Acedo

From: Fresno, California                

Years in Park City: Moved to Park City in 1999; Bought a house in Heber 2009

Occupation: Food and Beverage Managemen/Currently Director of Food & Beverage at The Sky lodge

Favorite Restaurants for Dinner:
Chimayo and Talisker on Main

Favorite Lunch Spots:
Café Terigo and Back Door Deli

Favorite Main St. Breakfast:.
Breakfast is in the form of either two things: Coffee (Java Cow) or Bloody Mary (No Name Saloon). The best in Hero Township!

Top Picks for Outdoor Dining:
Zoom, Grappa, and 350 Main with the windows open and the new Tavern at The Sky Lodge!

Favorite Bar:
The Spur Bar & Grill

What is most notable about the dining scene in Park City?
Great varieties to choose from and everyone supports each others local strengths.

Best cultural offerings in Historic Park City:
The PC Museum on Main Street is beautiful. It covers a lot of interesting starting points in a community that has such diversity.

Ideal People Watching Locations:
Penthouse suite at The Sky Lodge

Best Way to Capture the Local Flavor:
Check out any of the wonderful live entertainment venues on Main Street and Park Silly Market.

What are your favorite Main Streets events and why?
It’s a two-way tie: First Fourth of July. Everyone’s out there enjoying the day, meeting friends and family and celebrating together. The other is Savor the Summit. Where else in Utah can you meet an entire street filled with people who love food and beverage as much as I do! Plus, it’s a great showcase piece of the true art of entertaining that only Park City can provide.

A perfect date in Historic Park City consists of:
Visiting local business owners, a quick glass of wine for lunch, and dinner on Main Street. Your entire day can be filled. Haven’t even mentioned spa options either!