Name: Nancy Tallman   

From: Los Angeles, CA

Years in Park City: 10

Occupation: Real Estate Strategist (Realtor)

Favorite Restaurants for Dinner:  
Riverhorse, High West, 350 Main, Mustang, Silver

Favorite Lunch Spots:
Café Terigo, Bistro 412

Favorite Main St. Breakfast:.
Eating Establishment; used to enjoy Easy Street

Top Picks for Outdoor Dining:  
Purple Sage, Bistro 412

Favorite Bar:
Sky Blue, Prime

Favorite coffee shop:
Java Cow

What is most notable about the dining scene in Park City
You can get almost any type of cuisine on Main Street.  The restaurants are mostly set in charming, historic buildings.  The menus are creative and eclectic.  I always enjoy bringing clients from any large city to dine on Main Street.

Best cultural offerings in Historic Park City:
Love the Park City Museum and the Egyptian Theater

Ideal People Watching Locations:  
Window seat at 350 Main; Bar at The Riverhorse

Best Way to Capture the Local Flavor:
4th of July or Miner’s Day parades

What are your favorite Main Streets events and why?
Savor the Summit is amazing.  It seems that our entire community comes together.  People walk up and down Main Street, table hop, then go to the local restaurants to continue the party.  The 4th of July parade is great for the same reason.  I also enjoy the Silly Market.  It showcases our local talent. 

A perfect date in Historic Park City consists of:
Cocktails at 350 Main, a show at the Egyptian Theater and then dancing at The Spur. 

What are the advantages of owning real estate in Historic Park City? 
I recently sold a vacation home to clients from Northern California.  They wanted to purchase a home walking distance to Main Street because it is their “happy place.” I think people from all over the world feel the same way. Park City’s historic district is what separates us from the other ski towns with “faux” villages. Our historic district has real character and an indescribable vibe. The quality of the dining, shopping and galleries keeps getting better and better.  The Sundance Film Festival puts us in the spotlight every year. As a full time or part-time resident, being walking distance to all the amenities of Historic Park City, plus skiing and trails, is a no brainer. These qualities, plus the scarcity of land, are what will preserve the value of real estate in Historic Park City.