Main Street, Park City. It’s one of those places that has so much to offer to everyone. There are restaurants, galleries, shops, a theater, and much, much more. As you take the time to wander around, you may run into a few things that draw a bit of a crowd and wonder a bit about their story. They are also things worth looking for as you walk around….it may be a good scavenger hunt with the kids if you are looking to entertain them while out and about.

The Trolley: I start with this because it’s a fun way to ride up and down the street to see all of these things. It stops almost anywhere you want and is just fun for the kids to watch drive by.

Miner’s Park Statue: Today most people in town are here for the skiing. It only takes a quick trip up to Historic Park City to take a look around at the old houses and buildings to realize that the history goes deeper than a ski destination. The roots of the town are in silver mining and you can see it in the houses and buildings that are well-preserved by the historical society. And on Main Street you can find a small park dedicated to these miners who established the town. The famous statue is there to welcome you where you can take a break from shopping or stop and listen to the live music that is often playing throughout the summer months.

Shoe TreeLoosey the Moosey: Do you remember the Cows on Parade in Chicago? Park City’s own version was Moose on the Loose. In 2003, the fundraiser was a benefit for the Park City Performing Arts Foundation, Egyptian Theater, and Kimball Arts Center. There were 21 life-sized moose decorated in a variety of themes to be auctioned off and displayed around town. The remaining moose, “Loosey,” lives in front of Park City Clothing Company.

Park City Bear BenchThe Bear Bench: Franz The Bear was sculpted in 2000 by Michele vandenHeuvel. He sits on a bench not far from Loosey the Moosey and he’s quite popular when it comes to photo shoots. I had to wait in line to get a picture taken there and it was a slow day in the spring.

Shoe TreeThe Shoe Tree: A local tradition that goes back to the 70’s after a couple slightly intoxicated guys threw their shoes in the tree. Now it’s a group of trees that continues to acquire new shoes and ski boots every year as both locals and tourists contribute. A walk along the pave trail behind the stores and restaurants on lower Main takes you right under the branches.

Cats at Dolly’s: Dolly’s Bookstore is the local bookstore. In it, you will find real people who read real books and are happy to give a recommendation. But, equally important are the resident cats, Che and Dolly. Though not the original Dolly (or even a girl), the cats are often spotted around the store and welcome a little attention from visitors.

Emmett “Bud” Wright Statue: Since you’re at Dolly’s to see the cats, right out front between the bookstore and the Park City Museum is another statue worth a look. He was one of the earlier skiers in Park City (not so much for fun, but work) with the telephone company.

The Banksy Murals: Street artist Banksy contributed two pieces to Park City during the Sundance Park City BanksyFilmFestival in 2010—coinciding with the release of his documentary. One (and the easier one to find) is a cameraman shooting a flower on the wall outside of Java Cow and the other a young boy with a halo praying to a can of paint near the steps of the garage at 537 Main.

Hopefully when you are up on Main Street next, you take the time to check a few of these things out. They are definitely great landmarks to use to meet up with people, take pictures, and things the kids will love.

Melissa grew up in Indiana and has lived in Park City for more than fifteen years.  She does market research in Salt Lake City.  In her free time, Melissa enjoys spending time exploring Park City, attending concerts & festivals, trying new restaurants, snowboarding, and walking around.