Questar will begin work on Monday, May 6 in front of the Post Office to repair the water line they broke last week.  The gas main between 4th and 5th on the East side will be complete on Monday. 5th Street between Main and Swede (Post Office) will be closed Tuesday morning to complete the main line. Tuesday 4th Street will be closed between Main and Swede to install and connect the new main line.The Main line will  be pressurized and tested Tuesday – Wednesday.Wednesday they will begin the laterals to the buildings between 4th and 5th Street East side.  

Miller Paving  

Miller Paving will mobilize Monday.  This is a week earlier than originally anticipated.  They will start by moving bike barricades from China Bridge to Main Street and setting up fencing around the staging area in the Historic Wall lot.  Tuesday Miller will begin removing sign posts, demolition of bulbout planters, curb, gutter and sidewalk starting at the Post Office with 1 crew. A second crew will be added once enough demolition and Questar lateral work has been completed.