1. What is your name? Greg Ottoson
  2. What is the name of your business? Aloha Ski and Snowboard
  3. Where are you from? Southern California
  4. How many years have you been in Park City? 18 years
  5. How many years have you been on Main Street? 15 years on Main
  6. Tell us about yourself. Born in Southern California, Michigan State University Grad, I ended up in Park City after college on a lark. I had been here skiing once with my Dad and had great memories, so it just seemed right. Ski bummed my way to GM of a timeshare resort, and was transferred away to Palm Springs, CA. Met my wife Sharon in Palm Springs, then followed her to England for 6 years, where we ran a pub/restaurant. Landed back in Park City 16 years ago for a winter just to see what might happen.... Started as a shop manager for Aloha after a few seasons at ResortQuest, and worked my way up to President 11 years ago. Love to ski, golf, bike, fish and travel.
  7. Why Historic Park City? Main Street has it's own unique vibe. A special feel and mix of people, businesses, and atmosphere. I love that it is predominately local, one-off type shops, businesses and restaurants, run by people who actually live here. It is also lined with character filled old buildings that make for a very special place to work and visit.
  8. What is your favorite winter activity? For me, I'm afraid it is working! Followed closely by skiing.
  9. Do you ski? Where? Mostly PCMR, as it is the most convenient.
  10. Describe the perfect Historic Park City day. Springtime morning groomers, lunch on Main Street, 9 holes of golf, and dinner at Butchers or Chimayo.