Name: Steve and Cissy McComb 

From: California 

Years in Park City: 30

Business: Bistro 412

Years on Main Street: 11  

1.  Tell us about yourself. Cissy and I met in Carmel by the Sea. We both were in the restaurant business when we met and formed a partnership when we married in 1982. In 1983, I had recently sold my restaurant “The Hacienda.” Cissy and I were expecting our first child, and she was planning a leave of absence from her position as General Manager of the “General Store & Forge in the Forest Restaurant and Bar.” At the request of friends from California we came to Park City in 1983 to open Baja Cantina. Cisero’s opened in 1985 followed by Bistro 412 in 2002.

Our son Jake was born two days before Baja Cantina opened and is now the General Manager.
Caitlin arrived in 1986. She worked in the restaurants while attending Park City High School and the University of Utah.  She was most recently the General Manager of Bistro 412, but has decided to further her education by studying for her Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Education. Stevie was born in 1991 and is persuing his career in Web Design at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City. He also has spent many hours on the floor at the Bistro 412, both as a busser and server.

When not at work we like to spend time in the Bahamas and France.

2.Tell us about your business. We love France. So when the 412 Main Street building was offered to us we decided to combine our passion for food and France. An American Bistro, we offer some classics like Escargot, Quiche, Steak Frites and also have Burgers, Trout and Mac & Cheese among other specialties.

Our chef Adam Ross has been instrumental over the past few years in keeping the menu fresh and the food quality excellent.  We have a great group of employees and value them all.

3. Describe Historic Park City in 5 words.
“Everything on one charming Street” or “The Heart of the City"

4.  What is your favorite time of year in Park City? Why?
Winter! The Town is Humming!

5.  Top 3 Historic Park City businesses and why?

  1. The MO, the Alamo better known as the No Name Saloon. Helping people forget their name for years and years.
  2. Eating Establishment serving breakfast on Main for many years to those who forgot their name.
  3. Cisero’s nightclub Bonnie Raitt, Steve Miller, Joe Walsh, Kenny Loggins, Eddie Van Halen just a few of the performers who played there for FREE! They were unforgettable events!

6.  Anything else you would like to share?
Even with the growth in the greater Park City area, there is simply no substitute for Park City’s Main Street!