The idea for "Meet the Merchant" came about as a way to introduce the individuals behind the boutiques, restaurants and galleries in Historic Park City. Our goal was to introduce you to the genuine, authentic character of these individuals. Bing and Vickie Crosby from the Crosby Collection are a great example of the world-class people Park City is lucky enough to consider locals. 

1.  Name  

Crosby CollectionBing and Vickie Crosby

2.  Where are you from?

We are true descendants of the Southwest. Bing was born in Oklahoma, but grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Vickie has saguaro in her soul, having been “born and bred” in rural Arizona.

3.  How many years have you been in Park City?

The first Crosby Collection opened on Main Street more than twenty years ago when Bing moved his long-standing Native American arts operation from New Mexico. “Blue-jean skiing” was the order of the day at Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley was just gaining national status, and Canyons was Park West. These days, there are two Crosby Collection locations on Historic Main Street, 419 and 513.

4.  Tell us about yourself.

Bing grew up along the Old Route 66 during its heyday. While still a schoolboy, from his parents’ landmark restaurant along a stretch of the famous highway in Albuquerque, he began trading hamburgers for pots and pendants from local Native American artisans. Eventually, he established a successful business while earning a reputation for his expertise, particularly in turquoise, pottery and textiles. His extensive and highly personal holdings formed the core of what has become the Crosby Collection.

Vickie, Bing’s enthusiastic partner and wife, was well known in the world of Native American arts for her knowledge of Southwestern jewelry. A child of the desert, Vickie was born into an Arizona ranching family, and credits her prospector grandfather with educating her eye for silver and stones.

Together, Bing and Vickie came to Park City, Utah along with “Kroz Dog,” one of the best-known dogs on Main Street!

5.  Why Historic Park City?

To begin with, the fact that Main Street is ski-in, ski-out is a hugely appealing feature. Where else can you go from mountain to Main Street in minutes? But, more than access, the Historic District has personality; and it has since the mid 19th century. 

Old Town has been the center of activity continuously; at least since as far back as when European and Chinese immigrants first took up residence along the hill we now call Main Street. Park City residents know and love their history. After all, there is a museum right in the middle of Main Street! But, you don’t have to go to the museum to share that sense of history. A lot of the town’s old buildings have been preserved, including the building that the Crosby’s own, which is legendary as part of the Old Oak Saloon. 

Another reason Park City is so great is that it’s not really a tourist town. It’s a place where real people live and work and pick up their mail at the Old Town Post Office. No phonies allowed. Old Town has an unusually diverse group of stores, galleries and restaurants. It really is world-class and run by locals, not national corporations. It’s still where the action is.

There’s no place more atmospheric than Main Street, and no prettier scene than when the lights go on at dusk.

6.  What is your favorite winter activity?

Walking our dog, Lander Blue, in the early morning amidst a light, new fallen snow and snowmobiling with friends and extended family. Oh, and there is the hot tub too.

7.  Do you ski? Where?

Bing turned in his ski boots a while ago after handing over any yearning to speed down the mountain to his children and grandchildren. In his day, Bing could tear up a run with the best of them. Now, the Crosby home is winter headquarters for family and friends who visit from all around the country to ski.

8.  Describe the perfect Historic Park City day.

Blue skies and sunshine all day, followed by a crisp starry moonlit evening, followed by a major powder dump overnight, followed by serious road snow removal (completed by 8 a.m.), followed by blue skies and sunshine all day! And, it wouldn’t hurt, if all those happy skiers made it to Crosby Collection before or after dinner on Main Street. Fortunately, all of these conditions are perfectly realistic expectations here in Park City, which has more than its fair share of bluebird days. 

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