What is your name? Danny Chesley

What is the name of your business? The Electric Chair Barbershop

Where are you from? Long Beach, California

How long have you been cutting hair? Since my teens.

Tell us about yourself. I grew up in the Los Angeles area and loved punk rock and metal music with all of the hairstyles of the music. When I went into the US Navy I found myself cutting hair on the ship. The ship's barber didn't have much skill beyond a buzz cut, so I got popular fast. After the Navy I continued to follow in my family's footsteps and work as an electrician and contractor, although the dream of owning a barbershop lingered. 


Why Park City? I moved to Park City four years ago, working for my cousin, Tim Chesley at Chesley Electric. My wife Annette has been battling cancer so working as an electrician and a barber has helped me be able to care for her. 

Do you bike or ski? I love to mountain bike. I raced bmx as a kid and fell naturally into mountain bike riding. My favorite trail is the rail trail out to Wanship. I have skied my whole life. Now my daughter and I ski the most at Park City Mountain Resort.  

Describe a perfect day in Park City. The start of Fall mountain biking is best because of the cooler temperatures. Then either a taco/burrito from El Chubasco or Davanza Philly cheese steak!

Why Main Street? Well, simple business math. It's like opening up a public business in Beverly Hills, Manhattan, or Chicago. It's a Mecca of style and fashion, food and drink. A barbershop is a necesity in this town and Main Street is the perfect spot.