Name: Emerson Oliveira 
From: Brazil
Years in Park City: 12 years
Businesses: The Bridge Café and Grill, Flying Sumo Sushi and BBO Clean (residential and commercial cleaning)
Years on Main Street: 5

1.  About Emerson

I came to Park City from Brazil about 12 years ago and worked for both Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain Resort. Over the last 12 years I worked at many different businesses around town, from 7-11 to the National Ability Center.  In 2004, I started working on Main Street for the Sweeney brothers first as a server, working my way up to general manager and eventually a restaurant owner in 2008.  
I met my wife Juliana Klein, who is also from Brazil, in Park City and now we have two kids, Olivia almost four years old and Gabriel five months. I like to ride my motorcycle in the summer and ski in the winter, but between running three businesses and raising two kids with my wife I don’t have too much time to play. 

2.  Why Historic Park City? 

 The first time I came to Park City from Brazil I had no idea what to expect. After my second winter and being part of the 2002 Olympics, I decided to stay. I love this town. Owning a business in the heart of Park City wasn’t really a part of my plan until I started working at Town Lift Café. Waking up and going to work with that beautiful view every day was priceless. Building a business surrounded by mountains was a dream come true!

3.  Favorite Historic Park City moment? 

I actually had two great moments in Historic Park City, besides the birth of my two children. When I first bought The Bridge, I had two business partners who were also my best friends, Fabio Ferreira and Alex Bartolo.  We quickly realized that the small business wasn’t enough for us the three of us so we split. At this time with the support of my wife, I decided to continue and run the restaurant myself.  The Sweeney brothers vouched for me, and I decide to take the challenge of running the cafe on my own. Five years later, the community now recognizes and supports The Bridge Café. We opened the doors to buy Flying Sumo Sushi in August 2011.

4.  Top Three Historic Park City businesses and why?

Not just because I own the business, but because of the over 15 years of tradition, Flying Sumo is one of my top three Historic Park City businesses. I’ve seen many businesses come and go in Historic Park City in my 12 years in town. I also have to mention Grappa and Café Terigo to round out the top three. Again because of tradition, creativity and hard work. All three of those restaurants represent Historic Park City very well.

5.  Anything else you would like to share? 

Historic Park City will always carry the charm and the history of Park City. 

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