"Meet the Merchant" was created to introduce the individuals behind the boutiques, restaurants and galleries in Historic Park City. This month we introduce Fatali, "The Light Hunter" and his wife Morgan from Fatali Gallery.

1. Tell us about yourself and when you came to Main Street.

In 1991 I opened my first gallery in Page, Arizona. Several years later I changed locations, establishing myself on the edge of Utah’s Zion National Park where thousands of people would visit the gallery each month. A few years ago, I opened a gallery in Park City, Utah. In this quaint and busy tourist town, my goal was, and is, to have many, many guests experience the unique images that awaken the senses and increase one’s appreciation for my earthscapes collection.

2. Tell us more about your business.

Fatali, often referred to as, "The Light Hunter" has been chasing the light for 30 years from still to cinema and is recognized as a world’s top landscape photographer and a master of light.  "All of my images are captured using custom larger format film cameras and a one of a kind optical darkroom to masterfully create original photographs. I do not use digital or Photoshop in the capture. Simply, it's God’s Light!" says Fatali.

Fatali and Morgan describe their gallery as a "hidden sanctuary of stunning photographic images of mysterious landscapes, infused with a phenomenal beauty and spiritual energies of our world’s natural wonders".

3. Describe Historic Park City in 5 words.

The best place in Utah! 

4. What is your favorite time of year in Park City? Why?

Summer in Park City! The weather is perfect and the people are awesome.

5. Top 3 Historic Park City businesses and why?

  • Park City Clothing
  • Park City Jewelers
  • Alaska Fur Gallery

The owners are all wonderful. We would list everyone on Main Street if possible!

6. Favorite time/holiday on Main Street and why? 

Christmas and New Years. Everyone is in the holiday spirit and having fun spending time with family and friends, having fun skiing and shopping and the spirit in the air is just festive!

7. Something we learned about Fatali and his business. 

Fatali lost his mother to cancer at the age of 14 years old and found solace by hiking into the desert southwest. He received two checks at the age of 18 from Social Security for $450 each and purchased a film camera and a darkroom. Today there are 60,000 patrons and collectors of Fatali’s images around the world and he wakes up every day and says that if he’s not making a difference by sharing the spirit of nature, he would give it all up.  

Only rarely does Fatali disclose the exact location of his images. “I find that the intimate relationships with nature are enhanced when time is spent quietly with the natural world. Let there still be places kept secret for the next that awaits the journey of discovery,” he says.

8. What do you do on your day off?

I spend a great amount of time out in the field, doing what I love, hunting for light and carry on my mission of bringing the spirit of nature back into focus.

The Fatali Family and their crew take small groups of patrons each year to join them in light seeking journeys to discover our natural world wonders.

9. What else can we say about Fatali?

Fatali is one of the first to photographically share the now famous slot canyons and their hidden mysterious landscapes within the Southwest. Fatali’s undeniable breathtaking images have inspired many photographers to improve their own vision and for some to imitate them. Fatali is an innovator who strives for no limits in his creative expression.  He gives credit to the Creator, as the author, and he as the visual narrator of God’s marvelous creations!

 10. Location and Website:

556 Main Street www.fatali.com