Meet the Merchant - Flight Boutique

Blaire and Kristen grew up in Park City, and after stints in New York (Blaire) and LA (Kristen), they found themselves itching to return to Park City’s mountains. As lifelong friends and college roommates, they had always dreamed of becoming business partners. When they found themselves both interested in returning to Park City at about the same time, they knew it was time to open a boutique, and Flight was born.

To Kristen and Blaire, Main Street is the only place to be. With Chloe Lane closing their doors around the time they were ready to take flight the opportunity was theirs for the taking.

Flight is known on Main Street for its take on New York fashion, bringing Park City a broad selection of unique and occasion pieces from a variety of brands. Kristen and Blaire offer Parkites and visitors a wide selection by limiting the numbers of each item to six. Note #1: If you see something you love at Flight buy it. There’s a good chance it won’t be there the next time you pop in. Kristen and Blaire like to keep things fresh, and typically receive new product daily. Note #2 – Stop in often.

Flight likes to keep the price range of their products open to all budgets and offer styles that appeal to women of all ages. You’ll find tops from $30 - $250 and items for mom, daughter, and everyone in between. If you are looking for something not everyone else will be wearing at your next social soiree, Flight could be your one stop shop. Flight is the exclusive Utah retailer for several of the brands they carry, and even then they seek out the most fashionable pieces. They often get scolded for not meeting minimum orders, but it’s worth it to keep the offerings fresh and limited.

Don’t expect to find this dynamic duo resting on their laurels. In fact, you may be in for a surprise next time you visit as Flight undergoes a remodel this spring. We can’t wait to see the result, but we know it is sure to be fantastic.

Two other new additions to note are the launch of Flight Littles in late 2016 and the opportunity to have Blaire and Kristen style you out through their VIP boxes. Created for out-of-state clients that aren’t able to get to Flight as often as they’d like, the Flight ladies will hand select 20-30 items they think would suit you and ship you a box as often as you’d like. You then keep what you like and send the rest back.

It’s likely that by this point in this blog post, you’ve abandoned your computer/device and are on your way to Flight, but if not we’ll now share an inside look at Park City according to Kristen and Blaire. As life-long Parkites, they know Park City.

  1. Why did you choose Park City for Flight? - A million different reasons, Park City is home. Our support system is here. Flight filled a niche, and people were excited and incredibly supportive.
  2. Why is Park City special to you? We’ve seen so much change over our lifetime and Park City is growing rapidly, but it still has that small town feel.
  3. How would you encourage Park City residents and visitors to make the most out of their Park City day? Turn it into an experience. For locals, experience Park City the way tourists do. Stop in the shops, talk to the shopkeepers; it’s often the owners working. Appreciate Park City’s Main Street. We are lucky to have an authentic Main Street.
  4. What are your favorite restaurants? Chimayo, Riverhorse, Riverhorse Provisions, High West, Butchers, Handle, Harvest, and Café Terigo

With summer knocking at your doorstep, we suggest you add a visit to Flight to your to-do list. It’s likely Kristen or Blaire will be working. In fact, they pride themselves on one or the other being there daily. It’s a balancing act with young families, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.